Reject Wireless 5G

The World Deserves Better

“No one has any power over you that you do not give them.”

We would like to ask you to take a stand against those who use our love of life to take away it’s quality and leave us with less.

As 4G Restless Leg Syndrome becomes 5G Stiff Persons Syndrome and our world is covered in antennas and surrounded by satellites in low orbit, the evidence has become too clear and we have come to believe, win lose or draw, we must add our voice to the many who have come before us raising the alarm, and not go quietly as our connections through the world are corrupted and made toxic and totalitarian in the name of 5G.

Over the last two decades, the American Public has paid for safer, faster broadband to every home, multiple times over, through utility subsidies. These funds have been misappropriated for use elsewhere, particularly into wireless systems. It has also been that long and more that programs to establish Human Health Standards for Exposures to Microwave Radiation were defunded and never addressed, leaving the public unprotected.

Over the years the exposures have increased while most of the public, like the frogs in the warm pot, acquiesced. Yet as guilty of complacency as any, we do not recall giving our consent to be immersed in seas of high power density microwave fields or to have continuous, excessive, exposures to any radio microwave field anyone chooses to blast at us everywhere, including in our home.

And then there is 5G. The power, pulses and frequencies of the microwave fields and beams that the public is being exposed to by the Telecom Industry is not based on what is safe. It is based on what they need to use to make their business profitable and do their nasty surveillance. That is currently not just factors higher than what can do harm, but is orders of magnitude higher than levels known to cause human health effects. 10X, 100X, 1,000X, 10,000X and even 100,000X higher as observed in Southeast Florida.

Years in the making with a trillion or so dollars behind it. By the time we woke up, it was already effecting our health and harming our family. How do we know? Because we got a meter, measured it, got rid of some of it and had dramatic reversals in multiple declining health areas, including ones we never suspected could have been effected. We would like to share with you what we have learned about microwave radiation and how to start to take your power back from people who cannot be trusted with it.

cell tower on I95 in Florida
The American Public paid utility subsidies for broadband to every home that have been misappropriated for monstrosities like this

We have been mislead about the safety of wireless technology.

Now the courts agree as the Children’s Health Defense and The Environmental Health Trust crack the dam on information on the harmful effects of microwave radiation.