Starlink Horror

18 GHz Safe Sleep Space – The Third Thing

The Wall Street Journal is blaming the insomnia people are experiencing, on the pandemic but we will tell you that the insomnia and other problems including muscle and nerve pain and illness, are being experienced as a result of the 120 or so Starlink Satellites that are currently active and have been since around April 1st. We have been quite ill from them, with aches and pains and sleep problems and have had to take action to protect ourselves and are slowly recovering.

From what we can tell these are powerful satellites that blanket the earth with 12 GHz or so microwave radiation 24/7. And it you have been feeling poorly the last month or so, this is likely why. I urge you to take the actions recommended on the Three Things page. And one more action for the Third Thing – Safe Sleep.

We were not able to get relief from the pain and insomnia until we put an effective canopy over our bed that could attenuate 18 GHz signals. If you have the money, you can get the BoDefense Shelter in High Performance Silver Mesh here: It is expensive due to the cost of the fabric and the biggest that will cover a king size bed and nightstand is $2,500.

We are saving our money for one if things get worse, which they might. In the meantime we found a way to make a lower budget canopy that works, for under $1,000. You can buy the fabric from the same supplier. It is made from the High Performance Silver Mesh and another fabric they sell called Staticot. The Staticot is used as a blanket topping on the lower part of the bed and a PVC structure is used to drape the Silver Mesh over at the head of the bed. The fabrics require grounding. If you cannot afford that, at least get the Staticot, that is economical, and make a blanket to sleep under, leaving your head exposed. It was found that this relieved much of the pain, while getting the materials to make the canopy. We were fortunate to have the help of a friend who suffers from ES and has worked with these fabrics to create shelters.

Here is an example of how to make a low-budget shelter for a queens size bed. Example. We experienced immediate relief from most of the pain and our sleep went from 4 hrs/night to 6-8 hrs/night. The remaining pain has been slowly improving.

Just a note about the Staticot: The Staticot fabric seems very nice and appears effective.  We would love to use it for curtains.  It is very economical, too. The issue is the stainless steel it is made from.  The chromium (Cr) content in the steel used is about 17%.  The problem is that this is the element most likely responsible for the cancer and diabetes clusters observed around cell towers. Chromium is an element that does not behave in accordance with the quantum mechanics of the photon that the Non-Ionizing Radiation Classification for microwaves is based on, but is part of the quantum defect theory of the photon.  As the environment powers up, the Cr3/Cr6 equilibrium would shift from the beneficial Cr3 to the carcinogenic Cr6. The Staticot specifications give the fabric are 28% stainless steel fiber content. So it would be 4.8% Chromium.  Soil is typically 10-50 PPM. The content in Staticot is about 1,000 times higher than what is found in soil. As 8 micron steel fibers woven into the material, we do not think there would be a problem as long as the fabric edges are finished and the fabric treated with care. We cook in stainless steel cookware and chromium compounds with much higher content are also taken as nutritional supplements. We are going to keep our Staticot for now, but will continue to look for fabrics that attenuate well at the satellite frequencies and try to keep our chromium grounded and powered down.

Most amazing was the reaction of our cat. The first time she jumped up on the grounded Staticot, she danced around as if trying to catch something by her feet. Then she fell over and started purring. Alarmed, we removed her, as sometimes cats purr when injured. But she got back up on it and laid down in an orderly manner and again started purring. She has since shown a preference for laying on the Staticot and Silver Mesh fabrics. For a while we covered them up, but she was not happy about that and so we settled for making it partially covered and letting her decide. She does not appear to have the sense to avoid microwaves (as many of us do not), but she seems to know when she needs to get grounded.

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