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Horror in Leisureville

We have watched in horror as a high powered (17,000 watt ERP) antenna has been permitted at an entrance to Leisureville, by the City of Boynton Beach and Palm Beach County, for installation under 10 meters, within 80 feet of senior citizen residential housing. We have filed a complaint with the FCC and notified City authorities of the problem. While the FCC has essentially said the matter is one for the local authorities, the local authorities claim they cannot do anything but permit due to state laws and the state does not answer. While they are pointing the finger at each other for who is responsible, they are permitting and constructing these unlawful installations. Telecom experts we have consulted tell us that is indeed the local authorities who have the authority to set limits on the power level of these installation. See our post to Governor DeSantis. So far as we can tell, it is the local authorities and the community that will end up the bagholders for any harm. If your local authority has told you they cannot protect you, it is only because they have failed to write the appropriate ordinance to do so.

Yes, we have watched in horror as this monstrosity has been constructed and now is awaiting the electrical box and FPL meter installation. The plans show these to be like to ones at a similar installation approximately 1,300 feet away at the Checkers. It will have a 100 amp service and a 200 amp FPL meter. There are multiple bands on the antenna and other installations appear to have a surveillance band that gives off around 200 micro watts per meter squared (MWMS) measured in proximity to the pole, with pulses on the order of 10,000 MWMS. It is suggested that any residents with pacemakers may have an ADA claim that would prohibit this.

There are dozens of these installations installed and being installed in the county as local authorities permit unmitigated levels of RF radiation from wireless telecommunication facilities and deployments, without environmental assessments and in full denial of the health effects. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the collections of pier reviewed studies on these health effects that can be found in the drop down menu of Include them in any complaints you make to your local authorities.

Do find out about what is going on here and asses your personal situation. We suggest you measure the RF radiation in your home now and after this facility is started up. Do not let the City or County tell you they cannot do anything to stop it. Here is a leading legal authority on the subject:

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