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A Crack in the Dam

FCC RF Microwave Radiation Guidelines: A False Illusion of Safety; The Dam of Denial Has Begun to Crack

The U.S. Federal Court ruled on Friday, August 13, 2021, that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) must explain why it ignored science showing harm from wireless radiation.

And the worst part of it all is that 5G wireless simply failed to deliver the high speed internet they said would compete with Fiber-optics.

The world owes a big thank you to the Children’s Health Defense and The Environmental Health Trust for taking the FCC to task.

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Subject: Court Orders FCC To Revisit Possible 5G & Wireless Harms

In 2019, after 6 years of alleged review, the FCC issued a decision that its 5G and wireless guidelines protect public health. This decision has been used to remove “barriers” for 5G deployment, to quiet the public’s concerns and to deny accommodations for those who are ill from wireless technologies. Those who raised concerns were labeled “conspiracy theorists.”
Consequently, Children’s Health Defense and other petitioners sued the FCC, challenging the legitimacy of the decision.
On August 13, 2021, the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit Court ruled that the FCC’s 2019 decision is “capricious and arbitrary.” and not evidence based as it relates to non-thermal, non-cancer harm. The court remanded the decision to the FCC.
As a result, compliance with FCC guidelines can no longer imply that wireless “smart” devices and infrastructures are safe.
According to the court, both the FCC and the FDA failed to review substantial evidence of harm. The petitioners filed 11,000 pages of evidence, showing that pulsed radiofrequency (RF) radiation emitted from Wi-Fi, smart meters, cell towers and 5G can and have caused illness.
The court’s dismay was most apparent in the January 2021 hearing. The judges’ questions revealed their doubt that FCC guidelines are relevant to the current wireless reality.
The ruling stated the FCC failed to respond to evidence that the testing of cell phones is flawed; to address evidence of prenatal harm, a potential link to ADHD, and harm to children; evidence that this radiation causes electro-sensitivity; blood-brain barrier damage; cognitive & neurological problems; and evidence of mechanisms of harm; harm from long-term exposure; pulsation, modulation, and the effects of new technologies like Wi-Fi & 5G.
The Court noted that the FCC failed to address evidence of environmental harm. It quoted a Dept. of the Interior letter stating that cell towers affect migratory birds and that the FCC guidelines are 30 years out of date.
We ask you to take action to protect the public and our children. Legislators must move swiftly to:
1. Alert the public that it can no longer trust that wireless devices are safe and instruct them to reduce exposure.
2. Halt any further deployment of 5G, satellites and wireless-based technologies.
3. Remove the FCC from regulating health effects of wireless.
4. Appoint a committee chaired by the EPA with NIEHS and independent scientists to review the science and promulgate biologically-based guidelines.
5. Remove the FCC commissioners and the FDA department head who were part of the 2019 decision. They violated the public trust and caused harm to many.
The FCC’s blind pursuit of wireless with reckless disregard for public health have caused widespread sickness and even death. We must PAUSE before entering another roll-out of wireless infrastructure and develop guidelines that do in fact protect the public and require telecom to develop safer technologies.
Thank you.

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