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So, maybe you have read some of the 11,000 pages of research on radiofrequency/microwave (RF/MW) radiation that was presented in court to crack the dam of denial on the safety of RF/MW radiation or maybe you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired. And by now you should suspect that it is not just a small lie we have been told about the safety of this technology, it is a BIG one. And in the pit of your stomach, maybe there is dread of facing what we have done to ourselves and those around us we care about. Put that aside and get busy. You can find our suggestions on the Three Things page for mitigations. Here we will talk about wi-fi and the new court ruling.

A good wi-fi system is not a box from your ISP who is most interested in using you for a broadcasting station. If you have one of the few models that have Radio Transmit Power Control, you may be able to work with it, but, unless your house is over 2,500 square feet, we suggest you invest in your own modem and router. You may save on equipment rentals. Most ISP boxes, referred to as gateways, cannot even be shut off at night for you to sleep. Even if you take out the batteries, most have capacitors that keep them broadcasting for hours.

A good router has on/off power, on/off wi-fi, antennas and Radio Transmit Power Control. That way you can aim the power where you want it, use only what you need and turn it off when you go to sleep. If you are going cold turkey, get a wired router without an antenna and make it harder for Big Brother. If you want to get some really cool tech, look at the JRS Eco Router that is smart enough to transmit only on demand. Here is how to set one up.

Most dual band routers have two radios that the FCC allows to broadcast up to 4 Watts Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) each. There was a time wi-fi was relatively low powered stuff, but that went away years ago. Check the manual of your ISP box and see if they even specify the Radio Transmit Power. These can put out power densities on the order of 10,000 micro-watts per meter squared around the source and that is 1,000 times too high for anything you want to spend time around. Some routers are said to reach 150 feet inside and 300 feet outside. The power drops off with distance squared. So if your house is 40 feet X 40 feet then you would only need about 20% of the power for a unit centrally located. That is why, when you search for networks you may see too many in your house already. This leads to what many mistake as a lack of power, but is actually a problem of too many over-powered systems… INTERFERENCE.

The relationships between speed, power and interference are what sets the limits of the technology and is why wireless 5G and WiFi5 have failed to successfully produce high speed internet. If you want speed, wire it with some good Cat 7 or better shielded Ethernet cable. MOCA also provides shielded connections with nearly as much speed. You can otherwise try wearing RF/MW radiation Personnel Protective Equipment or paying with your health. And if you cannot get around the interference, even that might now work so well.

You phone or your laptop can tell you how far your signal is going, but for more details how to get the best setup, we recommend app called Netspot or something similar that tells you more about signal strength and what channel the signals in your home are operating on. For the best performance with the least power, you will need to pick a channel for each band of your router or put it on auto-select if that is an option. Then position the router and antenna to access the devices on the system.

If you cannot get a clear channel, you can track the other sources and try to negotiate a deal with your neighbors. Turning down the wi-fi leads to better health and better security. Another option is to put up radio-protection from the offending source.

And when it comes to wi-fi settings on your mobile devices we say, DON’T BE A HOT SPOT. This is an access point to your system. Microsoft put it on Windows 10 as an option with the default set ON. It is additional exposure, it uses your bandwidth and drains your battery and increases the opportunity for a hack.

If you have a newer gateway box or router, it may be capable of Wi-fi 6. You can find the designations for the generations of Wi-fi here: Know that they are enhanced with high levels of pulsed modulation, one of the matters raised in the recent court case. Pulse modulation contradicts the classification of RF/MW radiation as non-ionizing because that classification is based on a single photon and the assumption they do not combine, while pulsed modulation technology is multi-photon technology that combines photons in a manner that enhances transmissions but also makes them exponentially more ionizing. Since they have already reached power limits on the gateways and routers, they are now increasing the levels of pulsed modulation, still trying to make their failed technology work. If you have an EMF meter with sound, you should be able to hear the pulsed patterns. That is, if there is not already too much interference.

Certain versions of Wi-fi 6 may broadcast on the 6 GHz band at frequencies that are actually over 6 GHz so be aware that, in the recent case against FCC they were found to have no basis for any safety assurance above 6 GHz, so we suggest you review the legality of exactly what frequencies are there, before use. We will post more information on that as it becomes available.

As a result of the recent court decision, we expect the FCC will be telling you more about how it is your responsibility to use your FCC approved device in a manner it does not exceed limits. Already some equipment suppliers are slipping co-location disclaimers into their user’s manuals. See page 55 of this manual. It was issued 8-11-2020 so you know they knew this was coming.

So you go figure out how to operate a device that is at the maximum allowable power when you have a dozen other devices broadcasting the same area. We say turn it down and get wired and grounded, my friend. There will be more non-sense to come.

Oh yes, more is coming as it looks like the unlicensed bands will be overloaded even more by local governments to bring you low priced (and low speed) service for all. Now there will be another wi-fi system in your house. Find out more.

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