Health, Life and Property Starlink Horror WTF Permit Application


Analysis starts at 5 minutes in to this video:

While you were busy fending off the latest Human Rights Abuses and Public Wealth Looting Schemes, guess what was rolled out all over you over the last eight to ten months. NOW IN PLAIN SIGHT.
Analysis starts at 5 minutes in to this video:

This could only lead to the questions about the what could cause a hurricane.


There are other strange manifestation from across the country analyzed in the video above and a video on who might be doing it can be found here, but here we will focus on Florida so we may speak as a person this is being done to. And ours are so specially swirly we have to wonder how we got such special treatment.

You may have seen the CNN story on the Havana Syndrome and maybe noticed the discussion on the symptoms of microwave radiation illness and hopefully you did not miss this: US intelligence community report says ‘pulsed electromagnetic energy’ could cause Havana Syndrome

WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? Have we all become to numb and dumb from all these abuses? Let me suggest here, that we do not go quietly, but rather the problem should. Very quietly, in fact, off. Most of these microwave towers, antennas, routers, ovens, smart meters, cell phones and other devices are under local control. These are permitted locally. These are your devices and you must not let them control you. Get them under your control and shut them off.

You have more power than you know. The ubiquitous field plays a role in this horror. It is about powering up the whole planet. Grab on to God, hug Mother Earth and get wired and grounded, my friends.

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