Health, Life and Property

Let’s Declare an Epidemic of Amends

Dear Emily, NO.

We are so amazed at the suggestion that amnesty requests should be hear already. After World War II, they did not get to it until the end of the war. Or maybe not. On May 8, 1945, World War II in Europe came to an end. On September 2, 1945, formal surrender documents were signed, designating the day as the official Victory over Japan Day (V-J Day).

In late April 1945 a large number of German scientists began to be “discovered” by the Allies. Operation Overcast was established on July 20, 1945 by the US Joint Chiefs of Staff. In November 1945, Operation Overcast was renamed Operation Paperclip.

Operation Paperclip was a covert United States intelligence program that brought more than 1,600 German scientists, engineers, and technicians from the former Nazi Germany to the U.S. for government employment during the period of 1945 to 1959. Many were members and leaders of the Nazi Party. . Much of the information surrounding Operation Paperclip is still classified. The U.S. is not the only country who had such a program.

Can we guess what industries they went to work in?

Rocketry and Weapons, Chemicals and Medicine.

And RADAR development of pulse Doppler, monopulse, phased array, and synthetic aperture like such microwave technologies that now bring you their successive generations.

In 1962 my father went to work at NAFEC where they were developing more advanced radar and I grew up in a home about 15 miles away. The Jersey winters are quite cold and my mother got me an electric blanket so she could turn down the heat at night, that I used for many years before relocating to a warmer climate. I will always wonder about what effect these had on my health.

This document is from 1976. There is one other that is rumored to exist from 1973, that is said to be the most shameful document in the history of the United States of America, on this subject and how it would be managed. These things have been known for a long time.

When my daughter was born, I got a baby monitor for her room. I did not clue when she developed colic. I did not realize, until a business competitor who lived in the neighborhood started snatching our customers, that it was a powerful radio. And still, somehow I thought it was a good idea to get a Life Alert pendant for my mother in her final days that ended with esophageal cancer. Who is not tainted by such decisions based on such stinking thinking? How did this happen to us? Is your cell phone still your best friend?

Those given amnesty for their crimes against humanity continued them. My wake-up call would not come until August 2019 when I experienced days of symptoms after some time spent near a cell tower in the vicinity of my home. Heed my warning on the origins of these microwave systems and how they are being used.

We have been programmed, manipulated and just plain lied to. Let the shame be on the deceivers and not the deceived. Do not shirk the responsibility for the knowing, now. Get control of your wireless devices and mitigate their use. Demand Safe Technology. Use Safe Technology. Amnesty will not save you, start your amends, now.

The deployments are continuing and the meters are not available to measure how much the exposures are going up. I would like to close with the Serenity Prayer.

The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

Health, Life and Property Starlink Horror

Zelle from Hell, Banksters and the Beast-Chipped and Fried

When Zelle stopped accepting Safe Tech ID verifications we decided to do without and filed a complaint with the bank. We have since been told that there will be only SMS (texting) or their RSA microchip device registry, for ID verification for “security” reasons. And we have been told that this RSA Microchip Digital ID system would be the solution to our RF/MW radiation exposure complaints. Obviously, Zelle is a free lunch where we are on the menu.

We have been assured that the microchip device is not an RFID and does not transmit or receive any type of signal. They call it a “token” and offer it as another free lunch where you are on the menu.

OK, so what kind of device is next, after I lose this one? Security? Duh? I guess it will next have a locating antenna and then maybe they will offer something implantable. Such Bait-and-Switch is common with the industry that is promoting this device, as it has been with the successive rollouts of wireless telecommunications generations.  This last rollout of 5G was to produce speeds comparable to fiber-optics at 1,000 Mbps, 25 times faster than 4G and has failed, with an increase of only 2.7 times, approximately averaging 55 Mbps, not high-speed internet, yet orders of magnitude increase in harmful RF/MW radiation and significant portions of the population experiencing obvious harmful effects and setting off an epidemic of EMS.  It is a horrible failure and yet we see no rollback in sight. 

Now, if you really want to know about this “token”, you have to go to the website to find out about the Registry on the Cloud. The RSA microchip device has a Registry for this RSA token and tokens to come.

Know that the Cloud Registry exists on satellites that use more of the failed wireless technology that does not deliver on high speed internet at the power levels currently permitted for satellites. There are no affordable meters currently available to even measure how bad our exposures are or will become. This is obviously NOT Safe Technology. It is ever more toxic RF/MW radiation exposure through the cloud from a failed technology that is overdue for a rollback, not a rollout.

By what belief in our abject stupidity are these Banksters expecting us to believe their token or a text to a cell phone is more secure than a message to our home land line phones could be? What could justify such infringements on our Constitutional Rights and Federal Laws?

Registration requirements violate our Constitutional Rights

The Telecommunications Act prohibits discrimination (47 U.S. Code § 202 – Discriminations and preferences) of services.

Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) is a disabling condition recognized under the Americans with Disabilities Act that warrants reasonable accommodations.

Know the courts have ruled on the Federal Communications Commission Human Exposure Guidelines for RF/MW radiation and they are in remand back to the FCC who divests themselves of liability by failing to respond, and indeed, what could be said? There is substantial evidence of harm, including harm to DNA, on file with the court.  (Case 20-1025 EHT/CHD v FCC re: FCC Order 19-126 re: the FCC’s Insufficient Analysis of the Adequacy of the RF/MW Radiation Exposure Guideline). The liability for the harm from the use is now divested from the FCC to the service provider, local authorities end users and now, the Banksters. 

Shall we get fried or chipped to do our banking online? MMmmmm…

While we were corresponding back and forth with the Banksters about Electromagnetic Sensitivity being a disabling condition recognized under the Americans with Disabilities Act and other illegalities of what they were attempting to perpetrate on the Public, the Banksters “security” or artificial obedience system asserted itself and applied the Zelle restrictions to our other online banking services.

This was a BIG WAKEUP CALL. Not a notice in sight. And the customer service people had no knowledge or authority to correct the problem. Catch people in a bind and they are more likely to comply. Get ready for it. They actually did the Zelle restriction without notice, too. One day the service was just locked out and they demanded your cell phone number for the text or you could not make your transaction. Nothing nice about this business.

We have since had some reprieve from our loss of Safe Tech services and are waiting for a customer service letter. In the meantime, we have gotten out our checks and stamps. Alternatively we could give our account information to our bill collectors and let them hold that on all their financial systems, but somehow we are restrained with a genuine desire for real banking security. Or will the bill collectors soon be trying to chip and fry us also? How many chips do you think we will have? Or will they all be using the same one, registered on their cloud?

So, what’s the big deal about a text? That should not be a lot of RF/MW Radiation. But is it? Texting is relatively low powered communications, but when delivered by the densified 5G systems, can be a DNA destroying pulse. You get what the Hell Tower or Death Stars send you. Get out your EMF meter and watch the next time you get one, while you can. Once they force you on to the satellite phones you will need a $24,000 meter to measure the frequencies you will be exposed to. Know that Starlink has failed to achieve high speed internet at the current limits for satellites and may be powering up beyond that. We believe it is no accident that the components for a Ka band RF/MW meter are cost prohibitive and would raise the alarm on this rollout without available meters.

The War of the Banksters has begun and you need to make sure you do not end up collateral damage. Get a plan you can live with. It is not just about money and the gold. It is a battle for your soul. You will be coerced to use technologies that harm you and harm others around you. If you are still denying the harms, you are lost. You are on a bad drug that tells you it’s not effecting you. There will be a battle for the wired internet and others wireless in the sky. The battle is not for just for the gold, it is for control of your soul and the way we use technology will determine the future of mankind as a hacked animal slave or an identity with a soul experiencing the life we were meant to have.

We suggest you test your bank by removing your cell phone number from your contact methods. Make the complaint and see if they restore your email and land line verification. If you let them mandate the cell phone now, it will be the satellite phone and the Digital Microchip ID later. The Beast is here. Tell it NO.

Health, Life and Property Starlink Horror

It Is Here

Insects may go extinct or adapt after many generations of pain, illness and early death. We have this one life. Image Details

We have repeatedly asked Charlie Ward, David Mahoney, Alex Jones and Mel K about their new and exciting satellite cell phones and Starlink, that they promote. Now comes some information on the frequencies, exposures and the spread of the beams that will be generated by getting connected. Modeling Starlink Capacity . The author has disclaimers on the use of his information and gives the analysis with no mention of the mass pain, illness and harm to life and property the transmissions will cause. However, he does make indirect reference to the problem with the Human Exposure Guidelines from the FCC, which allow exposures millions to billions of times over those know to cause human health effects, that have been remanded back to them from the court for their lack of scientific basis. Again we see that this technology cannot produce program goals without exceeding exposure recommendations from the Public by more than millions to billions of times over levels that are know to cause human health effects.

Constraints and Limitations – There are some limitations, imposed by the regulators, which reduce the service levels the Starlink system can provide.

And it they have not yet used the power they have installed, will they use it before they admit to the failure of this technology, as it chokes on it’s own interference?

It is sad that we have no response from these Truthers and Patriots to our inquiries of what their products do to people who use them. Maybe they really do not understand what they are selling? Most amazing from their lack of self awareness as they have spoken of military tribunals and a reckonings for the crimes of others against humanity, that they would not do the research and inform their customers of the risks. Would they deny Amnesty to those who injected experimental vaccines into others that resulted in harm? How is it that they now sell cell phones that will expose so many to RF/MW radiation without adequate human exposure guidelines established for the frequencies and technologies of exposure?

A H3 cell has an average surface area of 252 km² . That is 97.3 square miles. Or a circle with a diameter of 11 miles. Beam Spread – The contour of a Starlink spot beam at nadir is almost circular, and covers just over one H3 cell.

Starting on the customer side, Starlink provides user terminals (UT), commonly known as Dishy, which are Electronically Steered Antennas (ESA) with mechanical azimuth/elevation adjustment motors. The UT uses phased array technology to form a transmit (uplink) and receive (downlink) beam in Ku band (12–14 GHz) focused on the satellite providing service to the cell where it is located. In order to split territories, Starlink uses Uber’s H3 hexagonal cell system, which you can view in action here. The satellites, in turn, also use ESAs to project a spot beam onto a cell, and pass the traffic onwards towards a gateway (GW) using two parabolic Ka band (27–40 GHz) gimbaled antennas. Each gateway site typically features nine antennas, in 3×3, 4×5, or 1×9 configuration.

Now, most RF/MW meters will register up to 8 GHz and after that… So we will not know what we are being exposed to from these. We will have to be our own meter. Unfortunately that involves pain, illness and early death.

Constraints and limitations – There are some limitations, imposed by the regulators, which reduce the service levels the Starlink system can provide. Frequency re-use and co-frequency spot beams – Any satellite emitting RF energy towards Earth must comply with power limits as received on the ground, measured as Equivalent Power Flux Density (EPFD), set primarily by the ITU.

Looks like we are going to have to figure out how to measure this. Yes, the exposures are additive. How does that work with densified 5G exposures already on the ground? Looks like we will be finding out. This is most confusing as the human exposure guidelines in place since the court remanded the non-science based FCC guidelines back to them, do not include any frequencies over 6 GHz. Consider the legalities of all this.

We are exposed to sickening and disabling RF/MW radiation at levels millions to billions of times over those know to cause harmful human health effects. These are too high for humans and most other life on the planet as we have known it. 

Health, Life and Property Starlink Horror WTF Permit Application


Analysis starts at 5 minutes in to this video:

While you were busy fending off the latest Human Rights Abuses and Public Wealth Looting Schemes, guess what was rolled out all over you over the last eight to ten months. NOW IN PLAIN SIGHT.
Analysis starts at 5 minutes in to this video:

This could only lead to the questions about the what could cause a hurricane.


There are other strange manifestation from across the country analyzed in the video above and a video on who might be doing it can be found here, but here we will focus on Florida so we may speak as a person this is being done to. And ours are so specially swirly we have to wonder how we got such special treatment.

You may have seen the CNN story on the Havana Syndrome and maybe noticed the discussion on the symptoms of microwave radiation illness and hopefully you did not miss this: US intelligence community report says ‘pulsed electromagnetic energy’ could cause Havana Syndrome

WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? Have we all become to numb and dumb from all these abuses? Let me suggest here, that we do not go quietly, but rather the problem should. Very quietly, in fact, off. Most of these microwave towers, antennas, routers, ovens, smart meters, cell phones and other devices are under local control. These are permitted locally. These are your devices and you must not let them control you. Get them under your control and shut them off.

You have more power than you know. The ubiquitous field plays a role in this horror. It is about powering up the whole planet. Grab on to God, hug Mother Earth and get wired and grounded, my friends.

Health, Life and Property

Is There a Plan?

Actually, there are too many plans. But we like Billy Falcon’s, as he put together the above powerful, inspirational message in frequencies we like.

Make America God’s Again, Heal Americas Heart and then, Raise our Flags to the Skies Again, God Bless the U.S. Amen.

Make America God’s Again, Heal Americas Heart and then, Brothers and Sisters Save Our Children, God Bless the U.S. Amen.

Shake America, Wake America, Make America God’s Again.

Now the plan we would like to hear about is how to rid our planet of the sickening and disabling levels of radio-frequency/microwave radiation that all these creatures with their plans are using on us in their struggle for power. Know the ones who are the friends of mankind will be those who are shutting them down, not putting them up.

Hear the ticking of the clock.

When debts come due, it’s time for you to pay, pay, pay.

When debts come due if I were you, I’d pray, pray, pray.

Watch this case that has been allowed to move forward after being suppressed for 21 years.

09/23/22 • Big Tech  › News

After 21-Year Delay, Judge Hears Evidence in Lawsuit Alleging Cellphones Caused Plaintiffs’ Brain Cancer

In an interview with The Defender, Hunter Lundy, an attorney representing plaintiffs in two lawsuits alleging cellphones caused plaintiffs to develop brain cancer, said he was frustrated with the legal system’s slow pace, but that he believes the “truth is going to come out.”

Health, Life and Property Starlink Horror

Green Light

We are told that the Queen has been long gone, executed for her crimes against humanity after confessing so they would not be revealed to the public and she could leave a legacy of the leader she should have been. The date of her death to be announced would be the Green Light for the rollout of the human mass financial control system of digital currency, no more currency with her picture printed on it to be issued.

Now you will be told that your fiat currency is not real or even yours, as we see our banks behaving badly. And I recall being a single parent, down to my last few dollars until pay day, when the State of Texas took them from my account for Sales Tax they estimated I owned them because I did not fill out the form saying I did not owe them any. And the Sons of Bitches at the bank never returned the $100 fee they charged me because the State never admitted to wrongdoing, after they got their stinking forms and returned the money they stole from me, grocery money for my young child. That was 14 years ago. I will never forget. Never. The system is bloated, parasitic and corrupt beyond belief.

One has to say that the banksters in charge of the system at hand, would belong in jail and their blood sucking ended. So why would you give these banksters, more power or technology to “manage” your money for you, instead of taking back the possession of your funds, for what you want it spent on? Who voted for Skynet controlled microwave credit score management?

So we will corralled and herded into slavery, through control of our money that we will need to live and take care of our families. They do not care who they hurt. Say, not unexpected.

Wear the Mask

Get The Shot

Accept 5G Radiation

What to do? We have changed our 5G Pandemic Page and put one up about Truthers, for it is the truth that will set you free. The system has already failed. God did not mean for his children to live under microwave radiation control. You can call him any time and you do not need to microwave yourself or anybody else with a phone or anything else to do it. You do not have to live that way, not if you do not want to.

Health, Life and Property Starlink Horror

Charlie Comes to America – Update-Charlie Gets the “Man Flu” – Update – Mystery Solved

8/1/2022 Update – The mystery has been solved about the Man Flu. It seems it may not have been entirely radiation illness. Looks like maybe Charlie also got himself electrocuted. Yes, at last Saturday’s insiders club Charlie revealed that, while in Orlando, he got a sample of the Antiaging Med Bed maybe like this one here, available here for a mere $4,791 Yea, Charlie has been singing the praises and now has found out.

Once again we say do not take EMF advice from balding men (or women). Your brain operates at over a range of 100 mV or so and other biological functions even lower. We are low EMF beings and who or whatever is charging up the planet is not the friend of mankind. More of the same will not fix the harm done to you. EMF and energy in the environment can seek a path to earth through you. We would ask for evidence of health and safety studies before buying into any of the quackery we have see to date. Charlie obviously did not antiage well. Tisk, tisk.

UPDATE: Orlando Wednesday to Friday and Ivermectin for “The Man Flu” on Sunday and Monday. Maybe Charlie got himself a good dose of what is coming off his Quantum Financial System Starlink. That is actually called the Radiation Flu, observed and documented since RADAR came out in the 1950’s. We have heard him say that he is going to have Starlink set up in his home, in September. We are going to watch with much interest to see if Charlie will irradiate himself, his wife, his son, his family and his garden with the harmful microwave radiation from the horror in the sky. We saw the results on the Princess Cruise Lines and in Tonga. We would have like to see the results from Ukraine, but they stopped the testing before irradiating them there.

How much of his life is Charlie willing to give up for control of the Gold?

As they shut down our safe technology wired connections and force their mass pain, illness and death from the sky upon us to access our funds, who will pay for this crime against humanity? Or are we all tainted? The answer to THAT will be in the Terms of Use of your access to your Gold. Let me give you a hint about that. You will have to surrender your rights to legal recourse for the harm.

Who will reign on Earth?

Original Post:

To meet and greet with Charlie, email MAGA@CharlieWard.TV

We are a member of Charlie Ward’s Insiders Club and have had many hours of entertainment from his views of world events. We would agree with much of it. But Charlie has some contradictions about him that would make questionable what he is all about. On one hand, he claims he is just Charlie, claims to be a prolific researcher and tells people to do their own research.

On the other hand, he claims to be the Spokesperson for the Quantum Financial System, who have amassed all the gold and wealth in the world for redistribution. His claim is that this is really the reset that counts and that the virus, the vaccine, the alien invasion and 5G are all just distractions.

The Quantum Financial System is running on Starlink. Yes, the kind of satellites that caused the mass pain and illness on the Princess Cruise Lines. Starlink was tried out in Tonga, where they subsequently had an outbreak of Covid. Most recently it was put on in Ukraine, however, they knew to stop the Covid testing before it went live there (see

These are also the kind of satellites that have most likely destroyed the ionosphere and the weather patterns and make it necessary to “spray us like bugs” as is said on Charlie’s Telegram feed. Many of Charlie’s contradictions seem to come out there, where he seems aware of how deadly 5G is. Yet he promotes such coming from the sky and blanketing the earth 24/7? Will the Real Charlie Ward please stand up? Where is the research on the safety of mass satellite RF/MW radiation?

Charlie claims to be a truther as do many of the White Hat people. But the strangest thing about all of them is that not one of them has addressed the epic issue of the August 13, 2021 court ruling about inadequacy of the Federal Communication Commissions RF/MW Radiation Human Exposure Guidelines (see Not one single mention of this from him or any of the Charlie Ward crew who we have repeatedly emailed about this epic matter. Maybe they just left it all to Tucker Carson (see What color is Tucker’s hat? 11,000 pages of proof of harm, including damage to your DNA and they are all silent. The Environmental Health Trust and the Children’s Health Defense that won the court victory over the FCC, tried to take it one step further and get some protections from such satellite systems as Starlink, to no avail. We are without protection of any kind, even with proof of harm. The FCC has simply divested themselves of responsibility and will allow the deployments across the earth and from the sky to continue.

Now Charlie Ward comes to America to meet with his Quantum Financial Team and his White Hat Friends. He says that they will be discussing the one thing that is holding up the Great Financial Reset Redistribution of All the Wealth in the World: No remnant of the “Old System” of safe, wired technology will be allowed as it will “cause problems further down the line”. You will be required to use Starlink directly by satellite phone to access your share of the wealth and must inflict pain and illness from harmful RF/MW radiation on yourself and all those around you.

This is the mandate of those with the Gold. Who is it that behaves this way?

Is the price of their Gold, your soul?

Pray to God and hug Mother Earth.

Get to Orlando and Just Say No Deal.

Health, Life and Property Starlink Horror


It has been almost SIX months since the Federal Communications Commission was challenged on their 2019 FCC Human Exposure Guidelines and they were found to be faulty – based on insufficient analysis of the adequacy of the RF/MW Radiation Exposure Guideline. (See ). The human exposure guidelines for the 5G deployments we are all now trying to live in, are in remand and what we have are standards based on when a large man starts to get cooked.

So, maybe you would like to know why the FCC is not likely to establish anything. It is stated on page 8 of 159 pages of the above linked reference. “Commenters that provided scientific articles did not answer our request for a specific, quantitative goal but many provided descriptive references to the BioInitiative Report and Building Biology, which specify extremely low limits (0.3-0.6 nW/m2 and 0.1 μW/m2 , respectively) for RF energy exposure—limits that are millions to billions times more restrictive than FCC limits. No device could reliably transmit any usable level of energy by today’s technological standards while meeting those limits.

How many ways are there to say 5G is HARM to life and property? They have not disputed the BioIniative and Building Biology reports, just dismissed them. The courts ruled such dismissals were wrong, but perhaps they do not appreciate just how wrong it all is.

Today’s technological standards cannot be met by wireless 5G without causing harm to life and property based on the recommended reports of experts that provided them with the safe limits for RF/MW radiation. The FCC based their guidelines on their program goals instead of science. The BioInitiative report was issued in 2012 and the Building Biology report in 2008, dating back to 3G and 4G as the problems with wireless technology became very apparent. How many people pleaded for the protection of humanity as 5G was rolled out all over us?

The FCC failed to stop at the Stop Sign, but ran right through it leading to a disastrous situation. 5G has failed to produce high speed internet services and yet Microwave Satellites continue to launch and the RF/MW radiation is on a continued rise across our planet. The court chose not to stop such deployments and expect Safe Tech organizations to bring the FCC to reason. We are “millions to billions” apart. How much of our life should we give up for a failed technology that has consistently failed to deliver, while looting public utility subsidies that could have provided safe telecommunications, fiber to your home, 20X wireless speed?

The FCC, through their continued inaction, divest themselves of liability for harm from RF/MW radiation and it now belongs to the local permitting authorities and end users. Know the more “restrictive” standards on safe levels of exposure and look at what we are doing to ourselves.

Know the true friends of mankind by those who are taking down these microwave systems instead of putting them up.

Peru knows.

Grounding Health, Life and Property

HOUSE ON FIRE – The Fourth Rod

If you are wondering how a fourth grounding rod could be necessary on our modest Florida cinder-block home, perhaps I should explain that a neighbors house burned down last May 2021. The flyer went around for aide for the family while I was in no condition to help, sick and financially stressed from the deployments of God-Only-Knows-What kind of microwave systems that were deployed in March and April of 2021 in our area. Nerve and muscle pain with insomnia can take you down fast and I needed some help from my Safe Tech Friends to get by. The RF/MW radiation readings went up all over as the Stetzers (indicators of high frequency noise) on my household electrical went up over safe levels. Reports came in from near and far of pain and illness. The rainfall has diminished and watering restrictions were imposed.

Lucky for me, an electrosensitive citizen scientist who is active in the Safe Tech networks came to my aide and we made a Faraday canopy over my bed so I could sleep and make some recovery from the mess. With Budget RF film pinned to the ceiling and walls, the radiation in my house became manageable. It has been a slow come-back as continued deployments further stress resources.

Our local electric utility company has also been helpful with our questions about our electrical supply. They did not like our suggestion that the microwave towers were effecting the electrical supply and our homes. They would insist that those two sources of energy effecting our homes, are not the same thing. However, they took care of their business and they have made upgrades to our substation and we do now have clean, reasonably well regulated electricity to our homes.

After they took care of their business, I took care of mine. The three new grounding rods I had installed on the house were still inadequate to ground out the energy backing up in my home. This manifested itself as stray and ghost voltages that would elevate the electrical ground with attempts to ground them out through that system. They do effect our sensitive biological systems as well as our sensitive electronic equipment and our appliances. We have installed a fourth grounding rod.

I believe the need for the fourth rod to be partially due to the dry soil conditions and the construction of the electrical system with metal conduit in cinder-block. With such construction it appears to be important to keep the cinder-block dry (non-conductive) and to have the cement slab moist (conductive of stray voltage to ground). Grounding systems are dependent on the moisture content of the surrounding soil.

The other issue of the grounding is at the transformer we share with some of our neighbors. The utility provides a grounded conductor and the ground available for our service can be effected by others on the transformer. So perhaps I am grounding out some of the neighbors problems. I will be talking to them about EMF Safety in our community and I hope they will not all need four grounding rods. But it takes what it takes.

See our earlier posts about this problem: and

Hear the latest discussion of Paul G. with Scott McCollough on the wireless industry problems, including questions about the fire safety of the wireless facilities themselves.

Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2

Stay wired and grounded, my friends.

Health, Life and Property

Your Phone is Not Your Friend

Perhaps you are wondering why the court finally accepted the 11,000 pages of research compiled by the Environmental Health Trust and the Children’s Health Defense that demonstrates the harm from radio-frequency microwave radiation when most of these harms to life and property have been known for over 50 years. Why are the Human Exposure Guidelines of the Federal Communications Commission now found to be inadequate?

Are these posers falsely trying to ruin the wonderful plans for your brain to be connected to a computer? Or are they dedicated defenders finally allowed to be heard now that the FCC has sold all the licenses for every harmful frequency that they can and we are at the end of game? Mass mental confusion, pain and illness, up to and including death. We are the data. By the court’s action, the liability is now transferred to the users of these wireless devices and their local authorities that permitted them. In plain sight. Do you consent?

Listen, my friends, it is time to take control of your wireless devices and any other microwave appliance. If your mind tells you that you need them and they are not causing you harm and distorted thinking, I suggest you are effectively under the influence of a bad drug. Alcohol, tobacco and RF/MW radiation. What do they all have in common? When was the last time you went a week without being microwaved? Now, that might not even be possible.

If you think someone is coming to save you from all this, I have bad news. What all the hats have in common is their intent to use microwave “technology” to win their war and control the situation. To do this, they are now all eagerly launching Skynet. Really? Have they not seen that movie? We suspect they are wearing hats because they are all going bald and that their blood/brain barriers are compromised. We hear claims they are patriots and that they are using God’s frequency. Do not trust anyone of these authorities that is building this control grid instead of taking it down. It is nothing but a system for killing and controlling by hideous, harmful and invasive means. All of it, from the Wi-Fi Everywhere Box distributed by your ISP to your phone to the cell towers to the satellites being launched as I type this, is for your debilitation and enslavement.

We urge you to just start in your home. Stationary devices should be wired. If you need wi-fry, get a modem and a router under your control and use the minimum amount of radiation that you need. If you need a cell phone turn off the GPS tracking and keep it in airplane mode as much as possible. Put it in airplane mode before you turn it off or they may continue to ping your with radiation. There is more on our Three Things page

Start today. Stay Human.