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It has been almost SIX months since the Federal Communications Commission was challenged on their 2019 FCC Human Exposure Guidelines and they were found to be faulty – based on insufficient analysis of the adequacy of the RF/MW Radiation Exposure Guideline. (See ). The human exposure guidelines for the 5G deployments we are all now trying to live in, are in remand and what we have are standards based on when a large man starts to get cooked.

So, maybe you would like to know why the FCC is not likely to establish anything. It is stated on page 8 of 159 pages of the above linked reference. “Commenters that provided scientific articles did not answer our request for a specific, quantitative goal but many provided descriptive references to the BioInitiative Report and Building Biology, which specify extremely low limits (0.3-0.6 nW/m2 and 0.1 μW/m2 , respectively) for RF energy exposure—limits that are millions to billions times more restrictive than FCC limits. No device could reliably transmit any usable level of energy by today’s technological standards while meeting those limits.

How many ways are there to say 5G is HARM to life and property? They have not disputed the BioIniative and Building Biology reports, just dismissed them. The courts ruled such dismissals were wrong, but perhaps they do not appreciate just how wrong it all is.

Today’s technological standards cannot be met by wireless 5G without causing harm to life and property based on the recommended reports of experts that provided them with the safe limits for RF/MW radiation. The BioInitiative report was issued in 2012 and the Building Biology report in 2008, dating back to 3G and 4G as the problems with wireless technology became very apparent. How many people pleaded for the protection of humanity as 5G was rolled out all over us?

The FCC failed to stop at the Stop Sign, but ran right through it leading to a disastrous situation. 5G has failed to produce high speed internet services and yet Microwave Satellites continue to launch and the RF/MW radiation is on a continued rise across our planet. The court chose not to stop such deployments and expect Safe Tech organizations to bring the FCC to reason. We are “millions to billions” apart. How much of our life should we give up for a failed technology that has consistently failed to deliver, while looting public utility subsidies that could have provided safe telecommunications, fiber to your home, 20X wireless speed?

The FCC, through their continued inaction, divest themselves of liability for harm from RF/MW radiation and it now belongs to the local permitting authorities and end users. Know the more “restrictive” standards on safe levels of exposure and look at what we are doing to ourselves.

Know the true friends of mankind by those who are taking down these microwave systems instead of putting them up.

Peru knows.

Grounding Health, Life and Property

HOUSE ON FIRE – The Fourth Rod

If you are wondering how a fourth grounding rod could be necessary on our modest Florida cinder-block home, perhaps I should explain that a neighbors house burned down last May 2021. The flyer went around for aide for the family while I was in no condition to help, sick and financially stressed from the deployments of God-Only-Knows-What kind of microwave systems that were deployed in March and April of 2021 in our area. Nerve and muscle pain with insomnia can take you down fast and I needed some help from my Safe Tech Friends to get by. The RF/MW radiation readings went up all over as the Stetzers (indicators of high frequency noise) on my household electrical went up over safe levels. Reports came in from near and far of pain and illness. The rainfall has diminished and watering restrictions were imposed.

Lucky for me, an electrosensitive citizen scientist who is active in the Safe Tech networks came to my aide and we made a Faraday canopy over my bed so I could sleep and make some recovery from the mess. With Budget RF film pinned to the ceiling and walls, the radiation in my house became manageable. It has been a slow come-back as continued deployments further stress resources.

Our local electric utility company has also been helpful with our questions about our electrical supply. They did not like our suggestion that the microwave towers were effecting the electrical supply and our homes. They would insist that those two sources of energy effecting our homes, are not the same thing. However, they took care of their business and they have made upgrades to our substation and we do now have clean, reasonably well regulated electricity to our homes.

After they took care of their business, I took care of mine. The three new grounding rods I had installed on the house were still inadequate to ground out the energy backing up in my home. This manifested itself as stray and ghost voltages that would elevate the electrical ground with attempts to ground them out through that system. They do effect our sensitive biological systems as well as our sensitive electronic equipment and our appliances. We have installed a fourth grounding rod.

I believe the need for the fourth rod to be partially due to the dry soil conditions and the construction of the electrical system with metal conduit in cinder-block. With such construction it appears to be important to keep the cinder-block dry (non-conductive) and to have the cement slab moist (conductive of stray voltage to ground). Grounding systems are dependent on the moisture content of the surrounding soil.

The other issue of the grounding is at the transformer we share with some of our neighbors. The utility provides a grounded conductor and the ground available for our service can be effected by others on the transformer. So perhaps I am grounding out some of the neighbors problems. I will be talking to them about EMF Safety in our community and I hope they will not all need four grounding rods. But it takes what it takes.

See our earlier posts about this problem: and

Hear the latest discussion of Paul G. with Scott McCollough on the wireless industry problems, including questions about the fire safety of the wireless facilities themselves.

Part 1 of 2
Part 2 of 2

Stay wired and grounded, my friends.

Health, Life and Property

Your Phone is Not Your Friend

Perhaps you are wondering why the court finally accepted the 11,000 pages of research compiled by the Environmental Health Trust and the Children’s Health Defense that demonstrates the harm from radio-frequency microwave radiation when most of these harms to life and property have been known for over 50 years. Why are the Human Exposure Guidelines of the Federal Communications Commission now found to be inadequate?

Are these posers falsely trying to ruin the wonderful plans for your brain to be connected to a computer? Or are they dedicated defenders finally allowed to be heard now that the FCC has sold all the licenses for every harmful frequency that they can and we are at the end of game? Mass mental confusion, pain and illness, up to and including death. We are the data. By the court’s action, the liability is now transferred to the users of these wireless devices and their local authorities that permitted them. In plain sight. Do you consent?

Listen, my friends, it is time to take control of your wireless devices and any other microwave appliance. If your mind tells you that you need them and they are not causing you harm and distorted thinking, I suggest you are effectively under the influence of a bad drug. Alcohol, tobacco and RF/MW radiation. What do they all have in common? When was the last time you went a week without being microwaved? Now, that might not even be possible.

If you think someone is coming to save you from all this, I have bad news. What all the hats have in common is their intent to use microwave “technology” to win their war and control the situation. To do this, they are now all eagerly launching Skynet. Really? Have they not seen that movie? We suspect they are wearing hats because they are all going bald and that their blood/brain barriers are compromised. We hear claims they are patriots and that they are using God’s frequency. Do not trust anyone of these authorities that is building this control grid instead of taking it down. It is nothing but a system for killing and controlling by hideous, harmful and invasive means. All of it, from the Wi-Fi Everywhere Box distributed by your ISP to your phone to the cell towers to the satellites being launched as I type this, is for your debilitation and enslavement.

We urge you to just start in your home. Stationary devices should be wired. If you need wi-fry, get a modem and a router under your control and use the minimum amount of radiation that you need. If you need a cell phone turn off the tracking and keep it in airplane mode as much as possible. Put it in airplane mode before you turn it off or they may continue to ping your with radiation. There is more on our Three Things page

Start today. Stay Human.

Health, Life and Property

Listen to Devra

The Truth comes slowly that is long overdue.

Listen to Devra

Get the story. Get the links. We will not tell you what she says, as she does that so well herself. Hint: It’s about your DNA and more.

But we will tell you that this is just the tip of the iceberg, the door to a rabbit hole that is deep and dark and dirty. The talk at the Safe Tech meetings about the long history of deceit and betray … the betrayal of the Human Race. Talk of a document that is said to be the most shameful in the history of the United States, that declared the intent to disregard the human health effects and pursue wireless technology for the full power it could have over them. 1973 was said to be the year, a spawn of Project Paperclip. There may be only one person still alive that was witness to it’s creation and he remains silent. But now Arthur has recently published a history of those who give warning.

And so it would be and has been. Consumed by the dark side as Skynet launches, spreading mass pain, illness and death across the planet, we have all seen the movies and know what our future could be like, ruled by those who have demonstrated they are unfit to govern.

But what is it that is happening now?

Case 20-1025 EHT/CHD v FCC re: FCC Order 19-126 re: the FCC’s Insufficient Analysis of the Adequacy of the RF/MW Radiation Exposure Guideline

The U.S. Federal Court ruled on August 13, 2021, that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) must explain why it ignored science showing harm from radiofrequency/microwave (RF/MW) radiation as the FCC failed to respond to evidence that the testing of cell phones is flawed; to address evidence of prenatal harm, a potential link to ADHD, and harm to children; evidence that this radiation causes electro-sensitivity; blood-brain barrier damage; cognitive & neurological problems; and evidence of mechanisms of harm; harm from long-term exposure; pulsation, modulation, and the effects of new technologies like Wi-Fi & 5G.  The Court noted that the FCC failed to address evidence of environmental harm. The court remanded the decision to the FCC.

The appeal date is long past.

Have you guessed yet that your phone is not your friend?

Devra knows.

Health, Life and Property

Look What Bald Simon is Selling for Christmas

Never Take Radiation Advice from Someone Who is Losing Their Hair

I must confess I have a Memonizer we like that Simon recommended, but it is a passive device. But before you buy into Biomedis, ask first how much EMF this unit produces so you do not end up bald or worse. I have also been evaluating Subtle Energy that is passive and active technology for mitigating harm. But once you start emitting radiation, you need to ask a lot more questions before you trust bald men (or women) about EMF manipulation. This, by the way, is not new technology.

Do you have any more questions about what the RF/MW radiation that is being forced on all the planet, is doing to you and how we may all be under the influence of those who do not have our best interests at heart?

Get rid of your Wi-Fry. Your phone is not your friend.

See what Simon Says:

Would you trust your electromagnetic health to these men?

Simon and Kim Introduce Biomedis Global – What happened to their hair?

Is Elon Musk going Bald?

Some people just do not get it.

Health, Life and Property


So, maybe you have read some of the 11,000 pages of research on radiofrequency/microwave (RF/MW) radiation that was presented in court to crack the dam of denial on the safety of RF/MW radiation or maybe you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired. And by now you should suspect that it is not just a small lie we have been told about the safety of this technology, it is a BIG one. And in the pit of your stomach, maybe there is dread of facing what we have done to ourselves and those around us we care about. Put that aside and get busy. You can find our suggestions on the Three Things page for mitigations. Here we will talk about wi-fi and the new court ruling.

A good wi-fi system is not a box from your ISP who is most interested in using you for a broadcasting station. If you have one of the few models that have Radio Transmit Power Control, you may be able to work with it, but, unless your house is over 2,500 square feet, we suggest you invest in your own modem and router. You may save on equipment rentals. Most ISP boxes, referred to as gateways, cannot even be shut off at night for you to sleep. Even if you take out the batteries, most have capacitors that keep them broadcasting for hours.

A good router has on/off power, on/off wi-fi, antennas and Radio Transmit Power Control. That way you can aim the power where you want it, use only what you need and turn it off when you go to sleep. If you are going cold turkey, get a wired router without an antenna and make it harder for Big Brother. If you want to get some really cool tech, look at the JRS Eco Router that is smart enough to transmit only on demand. Here is how to set one up.

Most dual band routers have two radios that the FCC allows to broadcast up to 4 Watts Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) each. There was a time wi-fi was relatively low powered stuff, but that went away years ago. Check the manual of your ISP box and see if they even specify the Radio Transmit Power. These can put out power densities on the order of 10,000 micro-watts per meter squared around the source and that is 1,000 times too high for anything you want to spend time around. Some routers are said to reach 150 feet inside and 300 feet outside. The power drops off with distance squared. So if your house is 40 feet X 40 feet then you would only need about 20% of the power for a unit centrally located. That is why, when you search for networks you may see too many in your house already. This leads to what many mistake as a lack of power, but is actually a problem of too many over-powered systems… INTERFERENCE.

The relationships between speed, power and interference are what sets the limits of the technology and is why wireless 5G and WiFi5 have failed to successfully produce high speed internet. If you want speed, wire it with some good Cat 7 or better shielded Ethernet cable. MOCA also provides shielded connections with nearly as much speed. You can otherwise try wearing RF/MW radiation Personnel Protective Equipment or paying with your health. And if you cannot get around the interference, even that might now work so well.

You phone or your laptop can tell you how far your signal is going, but for more details how to get the best setup, we recommend app called Netspot or something similar that tells you more about signal strength and what channel the signals in your home are operating on. For the best performance with the least power, you will need to pick a channel for each band of your router or put it on auto-select if that is an option. Then position the router and antenna to access the devices on the system.

If you cannot get a clear channel, you can track the other sources and try to negotiate a deal with your neighbors. Turning down the wi-fi leads to better health and better security. Another option is to put up radio-protection from the offending source.

And when it comes to wi-fi settings on your mobile devices we say, DON’T BE A HOT SPOT. This is an access point to your system. Microsoft put it on Windows 10 as an option with the default set ON. It is additional exposure, it uses your bandwidth and drains your battery and increases the opportunity for a hack.

If you have a newer gateway box or router, it may be capable of Wi-fi 6. You can find the designations for the generations of Wi-fi here: Know that they are enhanced with high levels of pulsed modulation, one of the matters raised in the recent court case. Pulse modulation contradicts the classification of RF/MW radiation as non-ionizing because that classification is based on a single photon and the assumption they do not combine, while pulsed modulation technology is multi-photon technology that combines photons in a manner that enhances transmissions but also makes them exponentially more ionizing. Since they have already reached power limits on the gateways and routers, they are now increasing the levels of pulsed modulation, still trying to make their failed technology work. If you have an EMF meter with sound, you should be able to hear the pulsed patterns. That is, if there is not already too much interference.

Certain versions of Wi-fi 6 may broadcast on the 6 GHz band at frequencies that are actually over 6 GHz so be aware that, in the recent case against FCC they were found to have no basis for any safety assurance above 6 GHz, so we suggest you review the legality of exactly what frequencies are there, before use. We will post more information on that as it becomes available.

As a result of the recent court decision, we expect the FCC will be telling you more about how it is your responsibility to use your FCC approved device in a manner it does not exceed limits. Already some equipment suppliers are slipping co-location disclaimers into their user’s manuals. See page 55 of this manual. It was issued 8-11-2020 so you know they knew this was coming.

So you go figure out how to operate a device that is at the maximum allowable power when you have a dozen other devices broadcasting the same area. We say turn it down and get wired and grounded, my friend. There will be more non-sense to come.

Oh yes, more is coming as it looks like the unlicensed bands will be overloaded even more by local governments to bring you low priced (and low speed) service for all. Now there will be another wi-fi system in your house. Find out more.

Health, Life and Property

A Crack in the Dam

FCC RF Microwave Radiation Guidelines: A False Illusion of Safety; The Dam of Denial Has Begun to Crack

The U.S. Federal Court ruled on Friday, August 13, 2021, that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) must explain why it ignored science showing harm from wireless radiation.

And the worst part of it all is that 5G wireless simply failed to deliver the high speed internet they said would compete with Fiber-optics.

The world owes a big thank you to the Children’s Health Defense and The Environmental Health Trust for taking the FCC to task.

Find out more:

And More:

Take Action:

Subject: Court Orders FCC To Revisit Possible 5G & Wireless Harms

In 2019, after 6 years of alleged review, the FCC issued a decision that its 5G and wireless guidelines protect public health. This decision has been used to remove “barriers” for 5G deployment, to quiet the public’s concerns and to deny accommodations for those who are ill from wireless technologies. Those who raised concerns were labeled “conspiracy theorists.”
Consequently, Children’s Health Defense and other petitioners sued the FCC, challenging the legitimacy of the decision.
On August 13, 2021, the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit Court ruled that the FCC’s 2019 decision is “capricious and arbitrary.” and not evidence based as it relates to non-thermal, non-cancer harm. The court remanded the decision to the FCC.
As a result, compliance with FCC guidelines can no longer imply that wireless “smart” devices and infrastructures are safe.
According to the court, both the FCC and the FDA failed to review substantial evidence of harm. The petitioners filed 11,000 pages of evidence, showing that pulsed radiofrequency (RF) radiation emitted from Wi-Fi, smart meters, cell towers and 5G can and have caused illness.
The court’s dismay was most apparent in the January 2021 hearing. The judges’ questions revealed their doubt that FCC guidelines are relevant to the current wireless reality.
The ruling stated the FCC failed to respond to evidence that the testing of cell phones is flawed; to address evidence of prenatal harm, a potential link to ADHD, and harm to children; evidence that this radiation causes electro-sensitivity; blood-brain barrier damage; cognitive & neurological problems; and evidence of mechanisms of harm; harm from long-term exposure; pulsation, modulation, and the effects of new technologies like Wi-Fi & 5G.
The Court noted that the FCC failed to address evidence of environmental harm. It quoted a Dept. of the Interior letter stating that cell towers affect migratory birds and that the FCC guidelines are 30 years out of date.
We ask you to take action to protect the public and our children. Legislators must move swiftly to:
1. Alert the public that it can no longer trust that wireless devices are safe and instruct them to reduce exposure.
2. Halt any further deployment of 5G, satellites and wireless-based technologies.
3. Remove the FCC from regulating health effects of wireless.
4. Appoint a committee chaired by the EPA with NIEHS and independent scientists to review the science and promulgate biologically-based guidelines.
5. Remove the FCC commissioners and the FDA department head who were part of the 2019 decision. They violated the public trust and caused harm to many.
The FCC’s blind pursuit of wireless with reckless disregard for public health have caused widespread sickness and even death. We must PAUSE before entering another roll-out of wireless infrastructure and develop guidelines that do in fact protect the public and require telecom to develop safer technologies.
Thank you.