5G Bait & Switch

America needs robust, ubiquitous, symmetrical, wireline fiber optic connectivity everywhere, for everyone, at reasonable rates, all the time. We paid for it.  We freed the States from the FCC. Now, let’s get the money back.

We endorse the work of the Irregulators who have documented how the American Public is being cheated out of SAFE, FAST broadband and sold TOXIC, FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED 5G wireless. These people have been fighting for us and need our support. They have taken the FCC to court and have established a means of setting things right. Irregulators v FCC Big Win

Support Irregulator.org

5G is the business of LYING, FRYING AND SPYING. Are we to believe the US government does not know exactly what these nasty physical and physiological side effects are? Who does not know that mass surveillance of the public in the US has gotten out of control? Why are our country’s resources being spent on this garbage? Who is getting rich by broadcasting harmful radiation at people?

We are aware this section is out of date. We are glad to see Barr gone. We will be updating this section as time goes on.

We would like to know why the United States Attorney General William Barr is advocating for a 5G wireless Industrial Internet instead of doing his job? Years ago he worked for Big Telecom and was involved in the changes to the FCC accounting rules that allowed the industry to misappropriate broadband funds to make wireless look more economically favorable than broadband. His stumping for wireless is a gross conflict of interest. Who does he serve? Not the Public.

US Attorney General William P. Barr at 1:49, 5G at 2:02, Industrial Internet, Command and Control. Recommending takeover and merger of Nokia and LM Ericsson to combat Huawei dominance of global 5G market at the China Initiative Conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, DC. February 6, 2020

We gain insight to the rational for these crimes against humanity in an interview on London Real with General Spalding. They consider the electrification of the planet with 5G to be a “wonderful experiment” and they will CENSOR all information to the contrary, because they can. It will be under the guise of “providing for the common defense” and they will claim they are protecting you from the terrible Chinese and others who are “Getting people to act in ways that are counter to their own interests without them knowing it.”


Dana Ashlie has warned us of the use of the Covid-19 crisis to DEPLOY his 5G programs into our communities. Will AG Barr establish his Command and Control without any protections for the public? The You Tube was CENSORED but you can find it here https://www.brighteon.com/59a2c142-ba15-4588-b6df-969d0d7cb235

The Secure 5G and Beyond Act. The Public remains unprotected as this is deployed.

We do not need need all these satellites and towers for mobile communication and do not want them for surveillance and war. America needs robust, ubiquitous, symmetrical, wireline fiber optic connectivity everywhere, for everyone, at reasonable rates, all the time.

Wireless technology is fundamentally flawed as the signal falls off exponentially (approximately squared) with respect to distance and you cannot get coverage without creating significant areas of excessively high radiation. The frequency only changes how many and what size areas there will be, but does not change the wasteful characteristic. Directional beam technology does not fix this either, just changes the form. The burden of paying for that toxic area belongs to the technology and yet it is put on the Public, making it just another public wealth looting scheme. We must stand and protect ourselves, our families and our communities from this public health, wealth and freedom destroying scheme.

If you come to realize how you have been harmed, we ask you to complain. These are suggestions for who to start complaining to:

U.S. President https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

To make an FCC complaint about an unlawful Wireless Telecommunications Facility (WTF), see our blog posts.

Governor DeSantis (Florida) https://www.flgov.com/email-the-governor/

Then make an appointment down at your local building department and ask to review all the pending permits for Wireless Telecom Facilities (WTF) and see what they are planning to install in the Right-of-Way of the homes in your community. https://mystreetmychoice.com/




We call for peaceful solutions to this. We must raise awareness and use the powers we have to turn off wireless and seek safe limits for use of wired technology. We see some driven to extremes from the injuries done to our fellows and ourselves, but this path has many dangers, too. Use your power wisely. We will get through this if enough people persistently just do the right thing.