5G Pandemic

Mystery my @$$. Most of these children tested negative for Covid-19. Is this how the virus is being used to cover up illness and death from 1-2-3-4-5G? The coincidence between the appearance of the virus and the worldwide rollout of 5G is not random. Are they part of some nasty Plandemic?

We gain insight to the rational for what is being done to us and our children in an interview on London Real with General Spalding. He speaks of the electrification of the planet with 5G as a “wonderful experiment” and says they CENSOR all information to the contrary, because they can. It is done under the guise of “providing for the common defense” and they claim they are protecting you from the terrible Chinese and others who are “Getting people to act in ways that are counter to their own interests without them knowing it.”


But it does not stop there. Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading authority and director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious Diseases (NIAID) of the National Institute of Health (NIH) has been advising Americans on Covid-19. He is married to Christine Grady who is the head of the Human Subjects Research and Medical Ethics at NIH and who advocates for experimentation on the public. Will we end up the subjects of vaccine experimentation also?

The coincidence of Covid-19 and 5G has been noticed, but the information suppressed and censored. A worldwide study that links 5G to Covid-19 can be found here: http://www.radiationdangers.com/5g/study-shows-direct-correlation-between-5g-networks-and-coronavirus-outbreaks-2/ . If you find that link blocked, another source here http://stateofthenation.co/?p=12846 . If that gets blocked the Italian report is here http://www.tomeulamo.com/fitxers/264_CORONA-5G-d.pdf The censorship on this is massive.

USA Study: https://magdahavas.com/is-there-an-association-between-covid-19-cases-deaths-and-5g-in-the-united-states/ . If that link is not active use this one https://magdahavas.com/5g-and-mm-waves/is-there-an-association-between-covid-19-cases-deaths-and-5g-in-the-united-states/

Yet we are currently facing rampant censorship on questions about the 5G relationship to Covid-19 and of anyone who dares raise these issues or challenges the official narrative of the World Heath Organization. Is YOUR mandatory vaccination coming?

Brave Woman Tells All

Dr. Judy Mikovits

Dr. Judy Mikovits is out the jail they put her in to try to keep you from knowing what she knows about this virus and immunology. Find out here: https://plandemicmovie.com/ If you find this Part I video censored, read the text at the site to know what they do not want YOU to know about. See her interview on London Real https://londonreal.tv/is-coronavirus-a-plandemic-exposing-the-truth-behind-americas-covid-19-strategy-dr-judy-mikovits/ And a follow up interview https://londonreal.tv/responding-to-criticism-surrounding-my-viral-documentary-the-plandemic-dr-judy-mikovits/

Fearless Dr. Buttar has also been speaking out about how our health and our freedoms are in danger. He has been to court fighting for his patients injured by vaccines. This London Real Freedom Platform makes it’s first beta run and carries his message past the censorship https://londonreal.tv/digital-freedom-platform-interview-1-dr-rashid-buttar/

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. also warns us about Vaccine Safety in his interview by Brian Rose of London Real https://londonreal.tv/robert-f-kennedy-jr-my-fight-against-mandatory-vaccinations-big-pharma-and-dr-fauci/

Robert Kennedy, Jr. reaches out to the public about vaccine safety.

So, who is it that has perpetrated these programs of microwave radiation, virus and vaccination upon us? What is going on?

Many have raised the alarm and have parts of the story, but the person who really escalated the mass deletions and censorship across the internet, was the English conspiracy theorist, author, lecturer and former footballer and sports broadcaster David Icke. We suggest you visit him often on his website DavidIcke.com as he will not likely be found on social media much longer. As events unfold threatening to destroy our freedoms and our lives, millions have turned to him for understanding. But can he shed enough light on the issues to wake the world up in time?

Find out about what the most banned man on the internet says is happening.

See the first London Real interview that was censored dead in it’s tracks as it went viral https://londonreal.tv/the-truth-behind-the-coronavirus-pandemic-covid-19-lockdown-the-economic-crash-david-icke/ . See the second London Real interview https://www.bitchute.com/video/H4W7FwBy0Ukh/

See the third London Real by their Freedom Platform under development https://londonreal.tv/1000000-fighting-for-freedom/ . It was the censoring of Icke and the deplatforming of Brian Rose that inspired he Freedom Platform that is under construction to provide a place for this censored media. Brian Rose will fight for free speech. Don’t miss the next interview.

David Icke did a fourth interview on the Freedom Platform. https://londonreal.tv/rose-icke-iv-we-will-not-be-silenced/ But it was disappointing that the 5G issue is not raised as 480 satellites have been launched with 36 active and thousands to come. In a separate video Brian Rose mentions that Ofcom has Icke under “investigation” and it is wondered if this ugly fascist organization is protecting their war machine.

David Icke also did an informative video on 5G Covid-19 that was censored. You can now get it here: https://www.davidicke.com/article/567141/covid-19-5g-whats-connection-david-icke-dot-connector-videocast And you can find all the plans for the plandemic in this video https://davidicke.com/2020/06/13/must-see-on-cv-covid-action-platform-tell-all-site-re-nwo/

Wuhan, China was a Pilot City for 60 GHz 5G as of the fall of 2019. Dana Ashlie was among the first to raise the alarm of the Covid-19 coincidence.

This video by Dana Ashlie was removed by You Tube after getting over a million views. You can now view the above video here: https://www.brighteon.com/42d3cd7d-ac25-443e-b071-742f04c7b72c .
The China 5G launch date appears to have been November 1, 2019.

We have many questions about who may have released this virus and if it is covering up illness and deaths from their toxic technology. The coincidence must be questioned and it would be foolish not to consider microwave radiation’s role in the problem. Natural News describes one way 5G may create a vulnerability to Corona-virus. And we are warned by many others of these dangers. From the start, those who raise the alarm are censored by Big Tech and receive Politifact Rulings of False and have their videos blocked but we are glad that they have been doing what they do.

We see the virus emerges soon after, sometime mid-November to December and there are questions about it’s exact origin.

The Epoch Times has done some excellent reporting on the source of the virus while others wonder if there is a virus at all. We think this virus is real, has been designed to obscure the illness and death caused by the huge increase in public radiation exposure associated with the deployment and rollout of 5G, and has been maliciously released on the world.

Throughout the spread, it does appear that 5G wireless proliferates Covid-19. So how does that happen? Let’s start with the Covid-19 test. Dr. Kauffman’s YouTube video that explained how many things can cause a positive Covid-19 test besides the SARS CoV-2 virus was censored. He suggest that the Covid-19 test tests for more than the SARS-CoV-2 virus and is prone to many false positives. A later interview is done by Brian Rose of London Real https://londonreal.tv/unmasking-the-lies-around-covid-19-facts-vs-fiction-of-the-coronavirus-pandemic/. Could over-exposure to microwave radiation cause a positive result?

This doctor is concerned that the patients in New York have something besides viral pneumonia.

The current model front line doctors are working with for managing the SARS CoV-2 virus is based on some Chinese modeling. But we believe that some of this is the effect of the polarized high power density fields of 4G/5G and too much exposure. We see our ferrous building materials magnetized and know our red blood cells are in trouble. There are studies done on the effects of microwaves on our blood. And most interesting is the work of Dr. John Sydney Oxford with a method for inactivating airborne coronavirus using positive and negative plasmacluster ions. We know ions in our environment influence our health. Contrary to the claims of the telecom industry, the polarized high power density fields of microwaves they broadcast can and do ionize substances.

Dana Ashlie has been at the forefront of questioning the coincidence of China going live with 60 GHz 5G and the appearance of the virus, within weeks. We have not yet reviewed her reference to Magnetobiology that may validate her particular concern over the absorption by Oxygen. This band may be particularly problematic, but for now that would all also be obscured by the current working model for the mechanism of the virus. And believe the issue is obscured by design. We respect the way she defends her position against censorship. That video was also censored and you can now find it here: https://www.brighteon.com/59a2c142-ba15-4588-b6df-969d0d7cb235 Her tip on stealth installations in schools can be found here https://scientists4wiredtech.com/what-are-4g-5g/4g-5g-penetration/ . She tells us who is behind this and has disappeared from sight.

Dana Ashlie identifies the plan around 22 minutes.

Decades of warnings on the danger of microwave radiation disregarded by word leaders lusting for power, so foolish, what can be done? They have bought the snake oil and are now being sandbagged with a virus.

The mass censorship speaks for itself on the knowledge and intent behind the wrongdoing and so we would take seriously the role 5G has in all this illness, even if we do not all agree on how it does that. People actually have no idea of the levels of these polarized high power density fields and beams they are being exposed to. And Big Tech and Big Telecom will do it’s best to see they do not find out.

We see the effects more close to home as Covid-19 spreads. What becomes the Hot Spot? Miami was prioritized for 5G DEPLOYMENT in Florida for the the 2020 Super Bowl on February 2, 2020. On March 18, 2020 in Florida we see 48% of the active cases in the counties surrounding Miami. The beaches and spring break were blamed and shut down, but nobody is questioning the excessive levels of 5G radiation in the Miami area. And the Covid-19 proliferates.

Florida (3/18/2020) shows 48% of cases surrounding area of Miami 5G Superbowl
5G Covid-19
Florida (3/27/2020) shows 48% of cases surrounding area of Miami 5G Superbowl

The Big Tech-Telecom Spring Break Narrative is shown in one propaganda piece promoting surveillance. The narrative seems to be that these people came to Fort Lauderdale Florida and either picked up or brought the virus and then went elsewhere to spread it and that this proves what? They partied in 5G and Covid-19 and got sick? They had Covid-19 and partied in 5G and got sick? What is the point of this wasteful, toxic technology that exposes us to harmful radiation and impairs our immune system when we need it the most? Do they consider that it was their toxic technology that made those college students sick?

Spring Break South Florida Spying

Big Telecom is fast to show their stuff inferring blame for the proliferation of Covid-19 on college students taking spring break in Fort Lauderdale. How about all that 5G radiation they are using on them to spy on them? Take another look and what is also in their spy data.

Spring Break Spying

A little closer look.

A Closer Look at Spring Break Spying

Gee, does that cellular density look way higher on the west coast than the east coast? Where did they travel to the beach? Where are those Covid-19 outbreaks? What does their data prove? Nothing. It is just something for them to use for narrative control. What it really shows is how much SPYING, FRYING AND LYING is going on.

This wasteful SPYING generates 10 times more thermal and electo-pollution than it utilizes and exposes the general population to radiation that adversely effects the immune system and proliferates disease. Covid-19 continues to spread. I guess spring break only mattered where they deployed 5G.

Florida (5/8/2020) shows 59% of cases surrounding area of Miami 5G Superbowl

Communist China showed us examples of 5G benefits as their blooming pandemic threatened the lives of billions of people:

Chinese Drone Control
Chinese Woman Told to Wear Mask, by Drone

We are also told that drones are busy spraying disinfectant. This seems a very good task for them. Certainly we could envision them delivering supplies without human contact that would more likely spread disease. Or would it? Drones and robots can carry pathogens as well as packages.

We see this toxic technology of totalitarianism spread like a contagion to the cities in the United States. Too bad reporters did not bring their EMF meters as well as their cameras so that they could inform the public of just what these drones may be exposing them to besides virus. It is sad that the Daytona Police have forgotten how to use the loudspeakers on their vehicles or can no longer hold one in their hands, but must have drones to help them.

We believe that these drones should be controlled by some method that does not involve impairing our skin and mucous membranes and immune systems that we need to protect us from the pathogens of the pandemic. Perhaps they should stay in the sky and not broadcast us at ground level. Masks can be in short supply during pandemics and are very difficult to put on our eyes.

We are told that 5G allows for fast communication and medical consultations but fiber-optics has long been able to provide that. Wireless is only needed for mobile operations and it is used for mass surveillance that exposes the subjects to radiation that they do not need when under threat of infections.

Certainly all the information that needs to be communicated would be better sent primarily through wired systems that are faster and more secure. The world is watching but are they wondering how better this would be served if we had the broadband systems that were never delivered by the people who now promote radiation producing 5G systems?

Quantum technology gives wireless a whole new meaning to invasive as Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier reported teleportation of DNA years ago that has been dismissed by the mainstream.

But apparently the Chinese were not so fast to dismiss it. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2017/jul/12/scotty-can-you-beam-me-up-scientists-teleport-photons-300-miles-into-space

We think it is time to set more limits for electromagnetic broadcasting into our communities and homes.

Israel has considerable knowledge of 5G and has rejected it.

Switzerland has put a halt to 5G after their doctors raised questions about cancer and damage to the nervous system.

The Nigerian Senate takes a stand to protect it’s Citizens.

Watch on You Tube

The Chinese have announced that they suspect Covid-19 causes central nervous system damage. Is there a pattern emerging here?

Even if you are not having to deal with 60 GHz yet, how can fields of polarized high power density microwaves that burn your eyes, sinus and skin, be beneficial during a pandemic? How does microwave radiation stress our physiology and immune system? And how is it being used to take away our health, wealth and freedom?