Three Things

There are three things we hope you will do for yourself and your family to protect them from harm.

Burned Palm
Palm Tree in Path of Microwave Antennas
  1. Get an EMF meter. Find and start mitigating your exposures.
  2. Learn to practice earthing and grounding.
  3. Establish a near zero EMF place to sleep.

The microwaves you will be encountering are not just harmless waves of non-ionizing radiation. They are high power density fields and pulsed beams of microwaves that can ionize substances, magnetize ferrous materials and oxidize metal building materials, flow around blocks, and infiltrate as high static electricity pockets within the places they invade. They are designed to overcome any obstacle and if you are that obstacle, you may find yourself OVERPOWERED. There are a multitude of symptoms people are reporting and I can personally check off 50% or so of the items on this list: But then, these are common ailments. And the radiation has been increased over so many years, could this be just aging? You will know if you mitigate your exposures and related health symptoms you may have, abate. We urge you to try it and see how you feel. We are the evidence. Those who share their stories are reporting an epidemic of electrosensitivity as exposure throughout the world are escalated.

We hope you will protect yourself and those you care for. The records of harm are on file with the court. The profits have been taken and the liability now divested. Harm, harm to life and property. Harm to your very DNA.

First Thing – Identify and Mitigate

When we sat down and listed all our sources of microwave exposure we found over eleven significant items. Some of these things were well beyond our control and some were not. Exposures effects are cumulative. We are getting rid of everything that zaps, pings, broadcasts or otherwise assaults us with microwaves, that we can, because of the ones we can’t.

The measurements that are sited on this website are generally taken with an EMFields Acoustimeter AM-10. The other meter we have seen recommended by reliable sources is the Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter. EMFields Acoustimeter now has an AM-11 available. They are good for most of the higher frequencies, for now. Over 10 GHz, you may have to become your own meter unless you can afford about $4,000 for a meter like this.

Did you know that people are essentially living antennas? It is a shame the FCC does not give our biology the same consideration that they give to cell towers and nodes. What can be done?

For starter, a significant reduction in EMF exposure can be made by getting rid of your Smart Meter (yes, they really are that bad). There may be a removal fee and a monthly charge. The meters in Florida from Florida Power and Light ping out huge signals every two minutes. The signal is designed to travel 30 miles. At one foot from our V314 meter it blasted 282,000 micro-watts per meter squared. We tried a Faraday cage on it, but still saw low level duty cycle pulses throughout the entire house so we decided to get rid of it entirely.

Another thing to look at is the family microwave. Yes, they put out huge fields. The Federal Standard for allowable level of radiation from a microwave oven is 50,000,000 micro-watts per meter squared at two inches. At 20 inches that is about 500,000 and at 200 inches (17 feet) that is about 5,000 micro-watts per meter squared. Some ovens we have tested are well below the limit, while others were pushing it. GE was the worst, while other such as the Whirlpool were about ten times lower. Who knew? If you test these with a sensitive meter, start from a distance. If you are not willing to give up your microwave, you can reduce your exposure by getting one of the better microwave ovens, using the lower power settings and distancing yourself.

We also gave up our wireless phone on our land line as the base gave off a large field of continuous exposure. We wonder about what harm we may have done our child with a baby monitor close to the crib or the life alert pendant we got for our aging parent. Indeed wireless devices are marketed as being protective and smart and we have been deceived. Get a meter. Check these exposures.

When we were looking around our home, we even found our Ethernet connected laptop to harbor the enemy within. As it turned out, an update had downloaded a wi-fi application that was pinging for cell towers without our knowledge. Devices that come with wireless options, generally come with them turned on by default. So you should always check a new or reset device to make sure they are off if you do not want their exposures.

Our home network is Ethernet. But one of our significant exposures came from our neighbors wi-fi. Since we found out what has been going on with these and saw what happened to him and others, we have gone with the trend to use the term wi-fry instead. Apparently it has become the practice of many ISP to provide people with gateways (combined modem and routers) that are powerful enough to broadcast the neighborhood.

These units also contain capacitors that keep them broadcasting for some time, even after you turn off their power. They come with the default of the wi-fi and hotspot turned on so you will need to turn them off if you want a wired system without radiation exposure. They should be checked regularly as the ISP may turn them back on during a system reset. We have since seen many of these and people are locating these in close proximity to themselves and their families without realizing the harm they may do. They measure at around 10,000 micro-watts per meter squared at the source. Great performance, bad radiation. Keep anything you do not want harmed, at least 10 feet away. Few of the units have adjustments and generally the wi-fry must be disabled and a separate wi-fi box hooked up if you want to control your radiation exposure. A good router has on/off power, on/off wi-fry, antennas and Radio Transmit Power Control. Get one you can shut off at night for a good nights sleep.

The broadcast range on may of these gateway boxes is around up to 300 feet so people in apartments and communities with houses close together may commonly experience interference. There are apps that can do analysis of the wi-fi signals influencing your devices such as Netspot. Changing the band or the channel in the band may alleviate the problem more effectively than powering up with more.

And when it comes to wi-fry settings on your mobile devices we say, DON’T BE A HOT SPOT. This is an access point to your system. Microsoft put it on Windows 10 as an option with the default set ON so it can enhance the spying, frying and lying of their industry. It is additional exposure, it uses your bandwidth and drains your battery and increases the opportunity for a hack. It is only of use when there are network outages or problems.

One impressive piece of technology that shows us how it should be done and gives falsehood to the necessity to continuously shower us in radiation, is the JRS Eco Wi-Fi. This unit transmits only on demand. You could use several of them if you needed to and still make a huge reduction in your exposure. They are basically Asus routers with special firmware. JRS provides the package or just the firmware (see Links and References). Instruction Sheet.

See our Blog

One other networking technology that can reduce the wi-fry exposure is Moca, that uses coax for networking. It provides near broadband speed and does not have the radiation issues of wi-fry or Powerline. Yes, even your cell phone can be network connected at home so you do not need to wi-fry yourself and your family to connect it to the internet.

There are no laws to protect you if your neighbor decides to be a broadcasting station. And there is no doubt opportunity here for racketeers to debase your property with radiation for profit. But what we are finding more is that people are just plain unaware that the temperature in the pot has been raised so high on them already. Talk to your neighbor about this technology and how it works. The radiation broadcasting between two points effects the life and property of everything in-between.

In the event your neighbor insists on extreme broadcasting, there are paints, window laminates and roofing that can protect you. They are expensive. The priority would be to protect a safe sleeping area.

Blocking and shielding of these microwave fields is a double-edged sword. What blocks it out also keeps it in and can create a micro-wave oven effect. It is sometimes advised to only block the sides necessary, but those sides need to extend so the field cannot travel around them.

One neat block for windows is simple aluminum bug screen. It gives about a 7X reduction in low and mid band microwave radiation. If your top window is not screened, you can attach it with super magnets in a pinch. Aluminum window screen also works on Smart Meters for a 7X reduction. An O-ring of the right size or a bungee cord can attach it. Try it before you invest in a manufactured one. See what happens on your electrical meter dashboard. The manufactured ones do not fit all meters and may need to have adapters. Then if they work too well, they may come out to fix your meter.

Most difficult is driving in the car. We can hardly go anywhere without having to drive through fields of pulse modulated, high power density microwaves. There are laminates for glass, but they have to be grounded and if something goes wrong, you are in the microwave oven. One would have to travel with a meter. And, again they are quite expensive. At this time we drive with an RF protective hoodie and jacket and a grounding mat. But to protect the head and eyes, you really need 360 degree coverage. This video explains how to use the grounding mat in the car. We have found that it works through one layer of clothing, but not two.

The vehicle itself now can have noxious wireless sources and GM cars are now made with infotainment centers that ping you constantly unless you connect. See our Blog

The metal body of the car does provide some protection when driving through those fields high power density microwaves. One big problem remains as eye protection. They get burned, along with sinus and lips. Some people call it Acid Eyes. Nasty stuff and the hardest thing to remember is DO NOT LOOK AT THE TOWER. That could be the most direct exposure. Some of the mesh fabrics are quite transparent if you are willing to wear a veil.

One product we have found for the car, that we like and would recommend to you is the Memonizer for the car We are going by how we feel with it installed and what several others have said. The website explains the science.

Reductions in exposure can be made by changing the routes you drive. Even with protections, the towers along the I95 and other main roads in southeast Florida are just too high for me. They are commonly 10,000 to 20,000 micro-watts per meter squared as you drive by. But the worst thing is the overpasses for exit and entrance where the elevation can result in exposures several times higher. I will never forget being caught at a red light on one overpass and watching my meter peg out at 100,000 micro-watts per meter squared, looking around at the people and families in the vehicles around me, and thinking, “Oh my God, they are murdering us.”

Get a meter. Find out. Protect you and yours. Tell people.

We can see it in the trees and vegetation around us. Defoliation. This poor palm tree was on the wrong corner with the wrong elevation in the path of a Small Cell and an assortment of other antennas in West Palm Beach. We could not get an exact measure at the top of the palm but would guess the power density is on the order of 1,000 to 10,000 micro-watts per meter squared. See our Blog for what happened to this poor tree Do not let this happen to you.

Palm Tree Dying WPB
Burned Palm Tree in Path of Microwave Antennas on Evernia Street in West Palm Beach, Florida
Antennas on Building at 400 South Australian Avenue in West Palm Beach, Florida
Antenna burning Palm
Horizontal Location of Antennas Burning Palm Tree

Note: Palm Picture taken at 45 degree angle from North.

Antennas Burning Palm
Vertical Location of Antennas Burning Palm Tree

We try to remember back five and six years ago before the 4G/5G nightmare started, and it seems that there were so many more birds, insects and lizards around. It seems they are disappearing as the green turns dry and brown. It has been a long time since we have had to wash bird poot from our vehicle. Who would have ever thought one could miss bird poot? Will the world die from being 5G controlled to death?

If you are wondering what is happening on the cruise ships that have been playing with 40 GHz, no little birdies are going to be able to tell you. Reports are coming in from all over the world about the deaths of birds, bees, insects and trees.

The harm is being done all over. Did the people who probably paid around $5,000 to attend the 2020 Super Bowl know that they might be sitting on a microwave antenna? Verizon installed approximately 1,200 under the seats at the Hard Rock Stadium. Apparently this is not something new and they have been doing this for years. These were not 5G antennas, either, just the same old 4G stuff placed in proximity. Miami had priority for 5G deployment for the Super Bowl in February and became the Hot Spot in Florida for Covid-19 in March.

COW at the South Florida Fair

And if you think you can take a trip to the fair and get away from it, watch out for the COWs (Carrier on Wheels). As long as there is data to collect, they will be there.

You also have choices about where you do business and shop. It is not always obvious which businesses have excessive levels or not. Some near a tower may be blocked and low, while others you would expect to be low are hosting a small cell. Meter it and choose wisely.

5G built right to fry the public
Marriott fries their customers and local residents to collect small cell rent from Telecom
Stealth Tower
Stealth Tower – Not So Hideous, Just as Toxic

The Second Thing – Earth and Ground

Earthing and grounding can be as simple as walking barefoot on the earth. The video above describes how to use a grounding mat in a car. There are also products available for people to use building grounds to discharge excess charges, wristband as well as mats. We would like to just stress the importance of verifying the grounds of the building before attempting something like that. At a minimum, a ground fault detector should be used to test all outlets. It is a sad, sorry day, that human beings have to resort to such things. We would take this opportunity to express my disgust for the harmful invasive technology that makes this necessary. But we will have to confess to you that the first time we tried using a grounding strap, it was a revelation. And we use that biblical reference because it was as if an evil spirit had left our body. Specifically, we get relief from pervasive pain, anxiety, stress and negativity from earthing and grounding. You can find many good sources for earthing and grounding throughout the internet and find what works for you.

See our Blog for out latest efforts to stay grounded through more and more deployments of what we do not want.

It is also quite useful to know your body voltage. We saw many videos on the internet on how to do this and finally decided that since we are the evidence of the effects of microwave radiation, we needed to have the data. However, we were shocked to find our body voltage was nothing like what was shown in the videos. It was negative. And not just a little. And when we grounded ourselves, it got more negative. We were quite disturbed until we came across this explanation. Indeed we did have several ionic air purifiers in the house from the days when it was full. Sure enough our body voltage came to zero after turning them off for a day or so. Yes, we were charged up with negative ions they say are so good for your health, although there seem to be some contradictory information on that. Then as we searched on this subject, we came across this video about the work of Dr. John Sydney Oxford and the use of negative and positive ions to inactivate virus and we wonder if this could be key to the Covid-19 issue of the lungs and too many who die on ventilators.

Could this be the key to help Covid-19 victims on ventilators?

We have wondered how 1-2-3-4-5G radiation proliferates Covid-19 and the problem in the lungs that does not seem to be purely viral. So maybe the solution does not have to be so purely pharmaceutical. Dr. Oxford used a plasma ion generator that made both positive and negative ions to inactive virus, but we see microwave protective technologies that employ negative ions. There are numerous products that claim protection from microwave radiation and some of them talk about negative ions (Anions) being protective. (Elements ionize and so do some molecules) Oxygen, sulfur and carbon generally exists as a negative ions. They are not good conductors of electricity. Gold, aluminum, silver and sodium are some of the elements that generally exist as positive ions (Cations) and they are conductive of electricity.

You can buy a negative ion generator or get one as part of an air cleaner. Mind the ozone issues with these as that can be an irritant. We are not the only ones who think this may be useful against Covid-19. But then we wonder how many ways this can effect our health. We have not found this to be particularly helpful against microwave radiation. However, we will continue to investigate the use of positive and negative ions for cleaning up nasty RF/MW electrosmog.

Another aspect of this we will address here is the issue of “dirty electricity”. This is high frequency noise on your electricity. Your buildings wiring is not likely shielded and can pick this up from smart meters, wi-fry and cell tower pollution.

There are filters available for removing the high frequency noise from your electricity. This can get costly at $35 a filter as one may be required for every 100 square feet of residence. Stetzer is the leading brand. There is a meter they sell that shows you how much dirty electricity you have. The meter we liked, because it helped identify things creating problems. The improvement from the filters was subtle. We installed 12 filters to cover 1,500 square feet and we are seeing that the infiltration from outside electro-pollution is reduced and does not travel as far into our home.

The Third Thing – Sleep Safe

There are a number of ways microwave radiation takes our health from us. We see our ferrous building materials magnetized and know our red blood cells are in trouble. The mechanism for hemoglobin attack to cause Covid-19 is described as viral based on some Chinese modeling. But we believe that this is the effect of the pulse modulated high power density fields of 4G/5G and too much exposure. There are studies done on the effects of microwaves on our blood. There are also a whole lot of studies on the cellular damage that is done. Photo-electro-chemical reactions can create unintended consequences to your health. The Telecom Industry knows how to pollute the research pool to make this appear questionable (see Wireless Wake-up Call in Links and References). We are going to do what we can to protect ourselves.

Besides the cellular damage, systemic harm is done by interference with sleep. This is a major way it weakens our immune system and interferes with our bodies ability to recover from illness.

Whatever your circumstance, the priority should be for a safe sleep space. This generally means that the microwave radiation should be reduced to levels of less than 1 micro-watt per meter squared. There are bed canopies and tents sold for those who cannot manage to mitigate a full room.

If you are exposed to microwave radiation during the day, your melatonin production may be effected and you may need to supplement that to sleep, even if you can protect your sleep space. There are time release versions and a variety of dose levels.

Cell tower electro-pollution is a huge social justice issue. Just as the poor were relocated to properties debased by chemical air and water pollution, it appears the poor are now being relocated around property debased by cell tower pollution. This just creates systemic poverty and environmental injustice. Most cell towers should have a 3,000 foot setback to residential areas. Radiation levels at the base are generally around 20,000 micro-watts per meter squared. Within the first thousand feet they will fall off to around 1,000 micro-watts per meter squared or so and then in the 100’s after the second thousand feet. But levels do not usually approach normal residential levels until around 3,000 feet from the base. Yet we see them all the time being put right next to residential housing.

Several years ago we had occasion to visit some new affordable housing and noticed there were metal roofs. We did think it was odd as that is quite an expense, but later realized the housing was constructed in proximity to a tower. Then we realized they needed a metal roof that blocks the excessive levels of microwaves to make the upper floor habitable. We wonder to this day what the radiation levels are in those apartments. And now, in that same area, it seems that there is a “non-profit” organization that calls themselves Village of Valor that has bought the property with the tower (actually there are two there now) and is planning to build housing there for homeless Veterans and their families. We do not see metal roofs on the picture of what is planned. We are wondering if they will take the towers down. But we think not as we watch this not-for-profit organization unscrupulously pile antennas on the tower and fry the local residents for profit.

Village without Vallor
Non-Profit Village of Valor profits from broadcasting radiation and plans to house homeless Veterans and their families in it

We can only pray for the children every night that Lay Me Down to Sleep in fields of this radiation.