Most of the children in the above video tested negative for Covid-19 and the coincidence of the 5G rollout must not be ignored. What could motivate such harm to life and property? Harm to children and mostly all life on the planet?

We gain insight to the rational for what is being done to us and our children in an interview on London Real with General Spalding. He speaks of the electrification of the planet with 5G as a “wonderful experiment” and says they CENSOR all information to the contrary, because they can. It is done under the guise of “providing for the common defense” and they claim they are protecting you from the terrible Chinese and others who are “Getting people to act in ways that are counter to their own interests without them knowing it.”

The coincidence of Covid-19 and 5G was noticed, but the information suppressed and censored. A worldwide study that links 5G to Covid-19 can be found here: . If you find that link blocked, another source here . If that gets blocked the Italian report is here The censorship on this is massive.

USA Study:

So, who is it that has perpetrated this upon us? What is going on?

Many have raised the alarm and have parts of the story, but the person who really escalated the mass deletions and censorship across the internet, was the English conspiracy theorist, author, lecturer and former footballer and sports broadcaster David Icke. We suggest you visit him often on his website . As events unfold threatening to destroy our freedoms and our lives, millions have turned to him for understanding. But can he shed enough light on the issues to wake the world up in time?

Find out about what the most banned man on the internet says is happening.

See the first London Real interview that was censored dead in it’s tracks as it went viral . See the second London Real interview

See the third London Real by their Freedom Platform under development . It was the censoring of Icke and the deplatforming of Brian Rose that inspired he Freedom Platform that is under construction to provide a place for this censored media.

David Icke did a fourth interview on the Freedom Platform. But it was disappointing that the 5G issue is not raised as 480 satellites were launched with 36 active at the time and thousands to come. In a separate video Brian Rose mentions that Ofcom has Icke under “investigation” .

David Icke also did an informative video on 5G Covid-19 that was censored. You can now get it here:

Yes there is a war for your mind and we have seen the emergence of the “digital warriors” who claim to be Truthers about world events. They have assigned people various color hats, mostly black and white and do not have much in between. We would most prefer a blue or green hat and the option to wear what suited the occasion. How should we all be labeled? I guess hats would be better than microchips.

So what about this thing called truth?

On August 13, 2021 an epic court ruling was made in the United States about the Human Exposure Guidelines for Radio-Frequency/Microwave Radiation (RF/MW). In a world of people now claiming they are Truthers, where are the discussions of this matter?

Let’s see who reported this news.

Tucker Carson on Prime Time:


Fierce Wireless: Court orders FCC to revisit its safety guidelines for RF radiation

Entreprenuer: Court Demands FCC Reconsider Its Wireless Safety Standards

The Epoch Times: Court Demands FCC Reconsider Its Wireless Safety Standards

Law360: DC Circ. Orders FCC To Revisit Possible 5G Wireless Harms

Bloomberg: FCC Ordered to Explain Cell Phone Radiation Guidelines

Get that Bloomberg – Cell Phone Radiation Guidelines? Gee, well we think this is a lot closer to the truth:

Case 20-1025 EHT/CHD v FCC re: FCC Order 19-126 re: the FCC’s Insufficient Analysis of the Adequacy of the RF/MW Radiation Exposure Guideline, adopted November 27, 2019, expanding outdated guidelines over the range of 5G technologies and frequencies.

The U.S. Federal Court ruled on August 13, 2021, that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) must explain why it ignored science showing harm from radiofrequency/microwave (RF/MW) radiation as the FCC failed to respond to evidence that the testing of cell phones is flawed; to address evidence of prenatal harm, a potential link to ADHD, and harm to children; harm to DNA, evidence that this radiation causes electro-sensitivity; blood-brain barrier damage; cognitive & neurological problems; and evidence of mechanisms of harm; harm from long-term exposure; pulsation, modulation, and the effects of new technologies like Wi-Fi & 5G.  The Court noted that the FCC failed to address evidence of environmental harm. The court remanded the decision to the FCC.

Let me explain what that means. It is indirectly stated in FCC Order 19-126 that the FCC approved levels of microwave radiation across all kinds of frequencies and technologies, that are millions to billions of times higher than those know to harm human beings, because they could otherwise not meet their program goals. And then they did not meet their program goals.

Over a year past now, as the FCC has no appeal or reply as their guidelines are, in fact, inadequate and not based on science. The failed 5G technology obviously does not compete with fiber optics on speed, as it chokes on its own interference and creates sickening and disabling levels and types of RF/MW radiation The ionosphere is now loaded with low earth orbit satellites broadcasting power bypassing and destroying the earth’s protection. Who will tell the TRUTH about how this technology is being used?

Sasha Stone leads the pack with 5G APOCALYPSE – An Extinction Event. See the lists at the end for the Truthers and Falsers:

See it here:

Know the friends of mankind by those who are taking down these systems instead of putting them up and promoting wireless technology.

At the other end of the truth spectrum are the Q-Phone guys and their hideous, orwellian, skynet financial control system. These are the guys who are telling you that “truthers” are not allowed to criticize other “truthers” and they have all got to stick together to get that “truth” out there. We think it is more that they have a New Boss that is ratting on the Old Boss to convince us that his form of slavery is better. Know that the Q-Phones operate off low earth orbit satellites that utilizes dangerous high bands that will effect large areas around them. There are no science based human exposure guidelines in place, while the human health effects have been known for some time. The public has no access to meters to measure over 8 GHz how bad the exposures are. The satellites are said to be operating at 12-14 GHz and higher. You will only know if you know how to recognize the symptoms of microwave radiation illness. This technology was likely related to the illness on the Princess Cruise Line and was tested in Tonga with a subsequent virus outbreak. They stopped the covid testing before using it in Ukraine. THEY KNOW what this will do. They have know for quite some time.

Now joining the end of the line comes Alex Jones and his advertisements for Bivy, a device to connect your phone to the satellites. Get it at his satellite phone store – Above the Grid. This is a link to the selling devices to turn your RV or boat into the Princess Cruise Lines. An emergency device? Just before you get ready to start dying faster.

The courts that relieved the FCC of responsibility for the harm, were also asked to prevent it from the satellites, with a case that was just as compelling, and they would not do it. The authorities are all in for it, from the local authorities on up through the POTUS. No one can stop this except the providers and the users of wireless “services”. What will you do with the power that will be placed in your hands?

You phone is not your friend.

God did not intend for his children to be microwaved into slavery. You can call him any time without your phone.