Phone Power

Most people love their cell phones and hate the cell phone towers. It is here that we have the most power to prosper or do harm. Cell towers are ugly and most of what they emit is pollution. They are commonly installed without proper setbacks and people are exposed to high power densities that are particularly harmful. Do we think when we use our phones, that other people are being exposed to radiation as a result? Maybe someone who is ill or does not have the means to protect themselves? Or is it just all OK?

How much of the broadcasting being done is for wireless service and how much is data collection and surveillance? How much is for wireless service is not essentially wireless? So how many hideous, Hydra headed towers are really unnecessary?

In southeast Florida the towers are spaced along I95 at intervals of about two miles. They broadcast huge levels of polarized high power density microwaves. It is way beyond cellular service. There is massive data collection taking place.

Wireless Technology Promotes Lying and Frying for Spying.

We would like to suggest, that if you do not need your phone for directions as you drive, turn them off and even put them in a Faraday bag to stop the spying frying. The highways would be much safer if people would just turn off their phones and drive.

If you got that EMF meter you can check your cell phone transmissions and see when you are getting zinged. It is important to know how to use your cell phone for your well being as well as others.

Internet search brings up dozens of good lists of suggestions. What we see missing from most of these lists is the use of the Air Tube Headset and we recommend those. What also appears lacking is caution against the use of cell phones in elevators. What transmissions can be made in there, generally bounce around and expose people in them to considerably more radiation than necessary. Your cell phone can also be connected to Ethernet if you want to connect to the internet without any radiation.

If you decide you do not like what is happening with the Telecom Industry, your cell phone is yours to shut off.

Visualizing Cell Phone Radiation