Starlink Horror

Starlink Agenda 2030?

To the best of our knowledge, there were 120 Starlink satellites activated as of April 1st and these are operating on the 12 GHz band, outside the range of most conventional EMF meters. Yet we do see a rise in the baseline power level just about everywhere, that tells the story about why so many are sleepless and having muscle and nerve problems. Is this the 5G version of the 4G Restless Leg Syndrome? Who will take responsibility for the damage being done?

If you thought some powerful organization was coming to save you, consider who is operating Starlink. Dr. Charlie Ward tells us the Quantum Financial System is on Starlink and everything Quantum will be there, too. He has said that Elon Musk is no longer a sociopath and that he feels good about the QFS rollout.

What Starlink has created is a huge microwave system choking on it’s own interference. For decades Safe Tech groups have warned that wireless systems were fundamentally unsound and toxic, but the dream of wold domination over-rode all. Here it is. It interferes up and down to all the way to those home wi-fi systems. As the photon does not have a +/- charge, per se, when these system interact, they can trade energy, particularly as the power density rises. So those over-powered home wi-fi systems that have been interfering with each other for years will now power up more and there will be even more interference. Want to know why your over-powered wi-fi system sometimes still fritzes? Maybe maybe someone else who also has one is broadcasting on your channel. Now, they are all blasting and interfering with each other, as the power level rises. Thousands of more low earth orbit satellites planned. Too bad about the interference with your biology that operates at millivolt levels. The FCC has no respect for a human antenna. So they will all be transmitting through you if you let them.

We urge you to see our Three Things page and review the blog posts here to do what you can to protect yourself and those you care about. We also suggest you contact President Trump, you Governor and representatives and the FCC to report any symptoms you or your loved one is experiencing as well as reporting it here:

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