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It has been almost SIX months since the Federal Communications Commission was challenged on their 2019 FCC Human Exposure Guidelines and they were found to be faulty – based on insufficient analysis of the adequacy of the RF/MW Radiation Exposure Guideline. (See ). The human exposure guidelines for the 5G deployments we are all now trying to live in, are in remand and what we have are standards based on when a large man starts to get cooked.

So, maybe you would like to know why the FCC is not likely to establish anything. It is stated on page 8 of 159 pages of the above linked reference. “Commenters that provided scientific articles did not answer our request for a specific, quantitative goal but many provided descriptive references to the BioInitiative Report and Building Biology, which specify extremely low limits (0.3-0.6 nW/m2 and 0.1 μW/m2 , respectively) for RF energy exposure—limits that are millions to billions times more restrictive than FCC limits. No device could reliably transmit any usable level of energy by today’s technological standards while meeting those limits.

How many ways are there to say 5G is HARM to life and property? They have not disputed the BioIniative and Building Biology reports, just dismissed them. The courts ruled such dismissals were wrong, but perhaps they do not appreciate just how wrong it all is.

Today’s technological standards cannot be met by wireless 5G without causing harm to life and property based on the recommended reports of experts that provided them with the safe limits for RF/MW radiation. The BioInitiative report was issued in 2012 and the Building Biology report in 2008, dating back to 3G and 4G as the problems with wireless technology became very apparent. How many people pleaded for the protection of humanity as 5G was rolled out all over us?

The FCC failed to stop at the Stop Sign, but ran right through it leading to a disastrous situation. 5G has failed to produce high speed internet services and yet Microwave Satellites continue to launch and the RF/MW radiation is on a continued rise across our planet. The court chose not to stop such deployments and expect Safe Tech organizations to bring the FCC to reason. We are “millions to billions” apart. How much of our life should we give up for a failed technology that has consistently failed to deliver, while looting public utility subsidies that could have provided safe telecommunications, fiber to your home, 20X wireless speed?

The FCC, through their continued inaction, divest themselves of liability for harm from RF/MW radiation and it now belongs to the local permitting authorities and end users. Know the more “restrictive” standards on safe levels of exposure and look at what we are doing to ourselves.

Know the true friends of mankind by those who are taking down these microwave systems instead of putting them up.

Peru knows.

Starlink Horror

Twitter/Twatter Watch the Water


As the Hats spin glory for the balding exploding car salesman over his purchase of Twitter/Twatter, the story of the Moskva is ignored. The ship sank, with sailors lives lost as their blood stains Starlink that provided the data for the killing. What is the real price of this free internet?

David Icke nails it again on Musk’s antics .

And what more you should know about this person:

People, do not let yourself be played. Get off Twitter/Twatter, put your phone in Airplane Mode and take some time to do something directly interacting with other people. All those antennas installed to provide wireless internet were a farce – take a look at what they are being used for. Know who the true friends of mankind are, by those who take them down instead of put them up.

It will be interesting to see how the Hats that have been signing the praises of Musk’s Starlink carrying their new miraculous financial control system explain why it just helped kill a bunch of Russian sailors. Particularly troublesome since Russia is supposedly on their new miraculous financial control system. Looks like the new boss is as screwy as the old boss.

See our post on what else Starlink radiation is doing in Ukraine

Starlink Horror

Watch Ukraine

We have been watching the information wars over Ukraine. They still have electricity and internet, although somewhat impaired, but what has come up is news that Starlink is active there.

What is particularly interesting about the news is the mention of an island nation called Tonga that Musk “helped” with service after a recent disaster. And here is what they got:

Get wired and grounded. They are not done yet.

Some justice may be coming. Looks like Elon is going bald. Should someone tell him?


Update: Well, they solved any Covid problem that may have emerged in the Ukraine by stopping the testing. The CDC Website lists the Covid Level in Ukraine as UNKNOWN on 6/11/2022.

Starlink Horror

David Icke Knows

We have heard many stories from those who claim to know what is going on in the world. We think many are still fooled. Yet we find that one person consistently questions what is happening and looks for The Answer. We suggest you take some time to hear what David Icke has to say:

STOP MICROWAVING YOURSELF! See our Three Things page.

Starlink Horror

Starlink Agenda 2030?

To the best of our knowledge, there were 120 Starlink satellites activated as of April 1st and these are operating on the 12 GHz band, outside the range of most conventional EMF meters. Yet we do see a rise in the baseline power level just about everywhere, that tells the story about why so many are sleepless and having muscle and nerve problems. Is this the 5G version of the 4G Restless Leg Syndrome? Who will take responsibility for the damage being done?

If you thought some powerful organization was coming to save you, consider who is operating Starlink. Dr. Charlie Ward tells us the Quantum Financial System is on Starlink and everything Quantum will be there, too. He has said that Elon Musk is no longer a sociopath and that he feels good about the QFS rollout.

What Starlink has created is a huge microwave system choking on it’s own interference. For decades Safe Tech groups have warned that wireless systems were fundamentally unsound and toxic, but the dream of wold domination over-rode all. Here it is. It interferes up and down to all the way to those home wi-fi systems. As the photon does not have a +/- charge, per se, when these system interact, they can trade energy, particularly as the power density rises. So those over-powered home wi-fi systems that have been interfering with each other for years will now power up more and there will be even more interference. Want to know why your over-powered wi-fi system sometimes still fritzes? Maybe maybe someone else who also has one is broadcasting on your channel. Now, they are all blasting and interfering with each other, as the power level rises. Thousands of more low earth orbit satellites planned. Too bad about the interference with your biology that operates at millivolt levels. The FCC has no respect for a human antenna. So they will all be transmitting through you if you let them.

We urge you to see our Three Things page and review the blog posts here to do what you can to protect yourself and those you care about. We also suggest you contact President Trump, you Governor and representatives and the FCC to report any symptoms you or your loved one is experiencing as well as reporting it here:

Starlink Horror

Starlink – The Nighmare is Here

Weird weather, sleeplessness, aches and pains and you should be grateful you are not one of the species that will be wiped out by the greed and lust for power of those who know full well the harm that they do. Or maybe we are. Here is an update and where you can report your symptoms.

If you have been experiencing problems recently, like headaches, sleeping problems, nausea, anxiety, other nervous system problems, or immune problems (immune system is connected to the nervous system) please let Arthur know at as he is collecting data.

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  UPDATE ON SATELLITES   On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, both the number of satellites in low orbit around the earth, and the volume of data they transmit, increased significantly. On Wednesday morning (4:28 a.m. EDT, 8:28 UTC), SpaceX launched another 60 satellites. On Wednesday evening (10:47 p.m. EDT, 14:47 UTC), OneWeb launched another 36 satellites. And people who already have satellite Internet from SpaceX on a trial basis reported a sudden increase in their Internet speed on Wednesday to up to 430 Mbps.

This could explain the reports I am beginning to receive of sudden illness that began on Wednesday. I myself was unable to sleep at all Wednesday night, and my body hurt, and itched, all over. I was very ill all day Thursday, and still do not feel well. I have received similar reports from other people in the United States, Canada, Norway, Australia and South Africa. I would like to find out how widespread this is. Some people are reporting that they have not felt well for a couple of weeks, but that they suddenly got much sicker Wednesday or Wednesday night.

Please reply to this email if you have experienced something similar.   Current Players and Their Plans   Here is a list of companies that are actively planning to launch and operate large constellations of satellites in low orbit around the earth. The purpose of these satellite networks is to provide Internet and/or cell phone service everywhere on earth, as well as to facilitate the Internet of Things. All will shoot focused beams of radiation at the earth from phased array antennas.

SpaceX, based in the United States, already has approval to operate 12,000 satellites and has filed applications for 30,000 more. More than 1,300 have already been launched. At least initially, these satellites are for Internet only and will not communicate directly with cell phones. Subscribers will purchase a small rooftop dish and a WiFi router. Beta testing by an estimated 10,000 subscribers in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany and New Zealand is already happening.

OneWeb, based in the United Kingdon, has aready launched 148 satellites, and plans to begin providing service after it has 250 satellites in orbit. Initial service will be to northern latitude regions, including the UK, Europe, Greenland, Canada, and Alaska. OneWeb plans to provide cell phone as well as Internet service. Subscribers will purchase a small user terminal that will function as a small cell, able to connect to any mobile device in its vicinity. OneWeb has scaled back its planned number of satellites from 49,000 to 7,088. It does not plan to compete directly with SpaceX. Instead it will market its service to airlines, businesses and governments.

Telesat, based in Canada, has increased its planned number of satellites from 117 to 1,671. It, too, is marketing its service to businesses. Its customers will include cruise ships, airlines, and governments. Telesat intends for its satellites to replace terrestrial fiber networks for long-distance communication. “We’re basically deploying a big space-based mesh IP network,” said its CEO Dan Goldberg.

AST & Science
This company, based in the U.S., is designing its satellites to communicate directly with cell phones. But instead of selling its service directly to cell phone users, it will partner with existing cell phone service providers, so that when a cell phone user travels out of range of any cell towers, the cell phone’s signal will automatically be handed off to a satellite. While this company does not plan to have as many satellites as its competitors, the power levels of its communicating beams will be much greater. Its application to the FCC specifies a maximum EIRP (effective radiating power) of up to 79.2 dBW, or more than 83,000,000 watts per beam.

This company, partnering with Lockheed Martin and the U.S. military, is also designing its satellites to communicate directly with cell phones. Its brochure boasts that it will “enable the Internet of Things on a massive new scale.” “Omnispace is honored to have been selected to work with the U.S. Navy and Marines to demonstrate 5G capability from space,” said Campbell Marshall, Vice President for Government and International Markets in a March 15, 2021 interview. Omnispace has an experimental license from the FCC and has not revealed how many satellites it plans to operate.

Amazon’s application to operate 3,236 satellites was approved by the FCC last July. Like SpaceX, it plans to sell small user terminals to its customers for mounting on rooftops and vehicles.

Like Omnispace and AST & Science, Lynk is designing its satellites to communicate directly with cell phones. Like AST & Science, Lynk has an experimental license from the FCC and has not revealed how many satellites it plans to operate.

Facebook is planning to launch a constellation of small, 150-pound satellites, called cubesats. It too has an experimental license from the FCC and has not revealed how many satellites it plans to operate.
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Starlink Horror

Starlink – 5G Bait & Switch Update -The Emerging Nightmare

While the Children’s Health Defense works to protect us from Elon Musk’s evil plans to engulf the planet in microwaves, there are more and more satellites launched and a new Quantum Financial System that will be based on the use of this nightmare. It will monitor you directly and give you access to funds based on what it learns. Yes, hear Dr. Charlie Ward tell you about this system, particularly in the video at this link at 32 and 36 minutes. Free internet? Free Energy? Or another toxic Bait and Switch? Elon Musk’s own brother has said that he knows how much harm this radiation will do to the planet and does not care. We would like to ask Dr. Charlie Ward tell us how Elon Musk is not just another sociopath pursuing mass population control, but he has not responded to our inquiries about this. We have asked him for an application for the Oneness Fund as we would like to get funding to develop Human Health Standards for Microwave Exposure. Maybe this is something they should have done before imposing their microwave control systems on people without their consent. I guess global domination comes first.

I stand with the scientists and knowledgeable people who are part of this appeal