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Your Phone is Not Your Friend

Perhaps you are wondering why the court finally accepted the 11,000 pages of research compiled by the Environmental Health Trust and the Children’s Health Defense that demonstrates the harm from radio-frequency microwave radiation when most of these harms to life and property have been known for over 50 years. Why are the Human Exposure Guidelines of the Federal Communications Commission now found to be inadequate?

Are these posers falsely trying to ruin the wonderful plans for your brain to be connected to a computer? Or are they dedicated defenders finally allowed to be heard now that the FCC has sold all the licenses for every harmful frequency that they can and we are at the end of game? Mass mental confusion, pain and illness, up to and including death. We are the data. By the court’s action, the liability is now transferred to the users of these wireless devices and their local authorities that permitted them. In plain sight. Do you consent?

Listen, my friends, it is time to take control of your wireless devices and any other microwave appliance. If your mind tells you that you need them and they are not causing you harm and distorted thinking, I suggest you are effectively under the influence of a bad drug. Alcohol, tobacco and RF/MW radiation. What do they all have in common? When was the last time you went a week without being microwaved? Now, that might not even be possible.

If you think someone is coming to save you from all this, I have bad news. What all the hats have in common is their intent to use microwave “technology” to win their war and control the situation. To do this, they are now all eagerly launching Skynet. Really? Have they not seen that movie? We suspect they are wearing hats because they are all going bald and that their blood/brain barriers are compromised. We hear claims they are patriots and that they are using God’s frequency. Do not trust anyone of these authorities that is building this control grid instead of taking it down. It is nothing but a system for killing and controlling by hideous, harmful and invasive means. All of it, from the Wi-Fi Everywhere Box distributed by your ISP to your phone to the cell towers to the satellites being launched as I type this, is for your debilitation and enslavement.

We urge you to just start in your home. Stationary devices should be wired. If you need wi-fry, get a modem and a router under your control and use the minimum amount of radiation that you need. If you need a cell phone turn off the tracking and keep it in airplane mode as much as possible. Put it in airplane mode before you turn it off or they may continue to ping your with radiation. There is more on our Three Things page

Start today. Stay Human.

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