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Dear Neighbor High Ridge Road

Dear Neighbor,

We thought you might need to know that the City might place near your home a cell tower described as “small”, but potentially outputting the effective radiated power (ERP) of a macro cell tower.  The microwave radiation broadcast from this infrastructure would be measurable in your home.  The address of the intended construction is 3473 High Ridge Road

You can inspect documents for permit 19-4044 at the Boynton Beach Building Department,  561-742-6350

Should you wish to speak with others helping to alert neighbors of such activities, feel free to contact us through the comments below. You can leave an email and request contact without publication. Comments are moderated.

Learn more at .

Wishing you a happy, healthy new decade.

You can also get a copy of the permit file by leaving a request in a comment with your email that will be moderated out. Any messages you do not want posted, just note in the post.

This is the top antenna that will be installed. The potential Effective Radiated Power for this antenna is approximately 30,000 Watts.

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Great job on the info – the way they are handling this deployment is such a “hidden” process. Rushing it through without any attention to the 1,718 comments made by the public to the FCC just this month!
It’s just plain ‘within the law’ that has been perverted to a treacherous level. Taking away any local authority to govern what happens on public land is just stuffing money into large telecom pockets. They pay few pennies for us tax payers to be responsible for their monster, both being in jeopardy for heath effects, repairs after storms, and the decreased property values of having 40′ of equipment hanging out along the roadways next to your buildings. Time to stand up and be heard!

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