WTF Permit Application

Rooftop Antennas at Compson Place

Dear Neighbor,

We thought you might need to know that the City might approve, near your home, a rooftop installation of nine antennas, potentially outputting the effective radiated power (ERP) of a macro cell tower.  The microwave radiation broadcast from this infrastructure could be measurable in your home.  The intended construction is on the Compson Place Apartments at 1831 Renaissance Commons Boulevard, near the corner of Gateway and Congress.

You can inspect documents for permit 20-2627 at the Boynton Beach Building Department,  561-742-6350.

Should you wish to speak with others helping to alert neighbors of such activities, feel free to contact us through the comments below. You can leave an email and request contact without publication. Comments are moderated.

Learn more at .

Wishing you a happy, healthy new decade.

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