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Palm Beach County Social Injustice for Students

Access for all. Just not the same access. While Palm Beach enjoys exclusion from 5G wireless as they run fiber to the buildings, our low-income families and their neighbors will have toxic wireless wi-fi broadcasts into their homes 24/7. Let us say, the home units are bad enough in terms of exposure, but at least you can turn them off at night to sleep. There will be no such luxury for low income students. They are going to be “included” 24/7. Now low income students will be low sleep students, too. And so will all their neighbors.

If you have ever searched for a wi-fi network from your home, you would notice how many networks are there, all contributing toward your Radio Frequency (RF) radiation exposure and all causing INTERFERENCE. Most units people get from their Internet Service Provider (ISP) are for their broadcasting benefit and are overpowered for a medium to small home. The ISP serves the ISP and few know what to do about it. See our Three Things page for ideas. When these wi-fi systems do not work, it is usually not for a lack of power, but that someone nearby is broadcasting on a similar channel and causing interference. The solution is to change your channel to a clear one, if you can find it. Unfortunately, many are powering up, creating ever more problems as the entire wireless technology interferes with itself.

Now you will have a new ISP, the SDPBC who will take whatever channel they want and power it up as needed. The unlicensed bands are supposed to be free of such intrusion and many are watching to see if they will get away with it. We are watching, too, as we pray for the children who must lay-me-down-to-sleep in fields of RF radiation.

And what is the rational for this kind of “inclusion”? It can be done with only 10,000 devices? There are said to be 105,000 students that need access. Or is it 25,000? We hear conflicting things. Let us find a way to get our students what they need that does not involve RF exposures that disturb their sleep, effect their health and bring them down.

We know that there are utilities subsidies that have been paid for fiber-optic broadband that have been misappropriated into wireless networks for decades, amounting to near a trillion dollars. We know the funding is there.

Do you think a County with a population of 1,500,000 people could find the money for 25,000 safe and secure internet connections?

I hope the people of Palm Beach County will fight for every student to have a safe and secure wireline connection to the internet under their control, to learn, grow and prosper. We must teach our children to manage their technology wisely so that it does not steal their bright futures from them. There is too much harm already and SDPBC must do the right thing here for our low-income students and families. SAFE TECH Internet for all!

WTF Permit Application

Trees Have No Choice

Palm Tree Dying WPB
February 2020 – Tree in path of microwave antennas
June 2021 – Tree in path of microwave antennas.

This poor palm in the path of microwave antennas had no choice but to endure the onslaught. YOU have choices and we suggest it is now time to take action. It is the women who know by now that the ever increasing levels of microwave radiation for surveillance and control being placed on us is killing us. Historically reporting 75% of the adverse health effects it is not know if women are more susceptible or just more aware. It becomes particularly more obvious with age so listen to the wise old women. It is the women who know by now it is time to fight or die. You may choose to run for a bit but there is intended to be no place to hide. Not even the deepest bunker, for the very ground will be electrified.

But what to do? Will there be a Joan of Arc event with her slaying antennas, mounted on a noble steed? We think not. It is all described on our Three Things page what you should do to be most likely to survive this. We suggest you start now.

We have noticed that Dr. Charlie Ward is having trouble making eye contact in his videos with his Insiders Club. Yet he still tells them that Elon Musk is no longer a sociopath and that Starlink QFS is the solution for benevolent mass population control system. I guess he hoping you have not noticed that that the low earth orbit satellites they have been launching are causing mass pain and illness and destroying the planet.

Recognize the power that is yours and use it wisely.

WTF Permit Application

DANGER! DANGER! Distracted & Impaired Drivers

We have noticed for some time that drivers on the highways are out of their minds, most likely under the influence of the massive RF/EMF power densities being broadcast down the roadways. These fields affect your blood flow and can impair your judgement. We did not expect one of these drivers to hit us as we turned into the parking lot where we work. Fortunately, that vehicle sent a crash report to get the mess cleaned up quickly and processed us into a System of Exploitation and Abuse.

My beautiful older car that I bought with money left to me by my Mother, when she passed away, was towed from the scene. Fortunately. I was ready with a tow service of my choosing and a place to bring it that I could trust. It is MY car and the choice to repair it is mine. But will there be justice from the System of E&A? Not Likely.

The decision to repair our car at any cost was made by the rental car we were offered. Once we experienced this Technological Nightmare from Hell, we understood that the accident/insurance System of E&A was feeding the mass madness of megalomaniacs who would control the human race to death even using our cars. All they want is everything.

Not only did the Technological Nightmare from Hell have an Infotainment System that created distractions for the driver including online shopping, it would ping you with pulses of microwaves, even if you disconnected all devices and turned it off. These pulses occurred approximately every 10 seconds and were of increasing power up to over 6 V/m. We got a headache just sitting there trying to turn it off. This is how impaired drivers are created. It was obviously scanning for connections as the cellular bars and available wi-fry networks were updating. Not a single entity associated with this Infotainment System could tell us how it worked, how to shut it off or and why it was on in the first place. The most reasonable explanation we got was that it was associated with one of the radio apps. But why was that running with the radio off? We would have stared pulling fuses and physically disconnecting the Infotainment Monster, if it had been our vehicle. But it belonged to the System of E&A and would do their bidding. We say, send these monsters back to Hell.

When we brought our rental car back, we were told that all the rental agencies were doing the same. Yes we see these Infotainment Monsters on all our new cars and the System of E&A that would give you no choice. Really?

Before you wonder if it worth exorcising this monster from your vehicle, consider what will happen to you if you are shopping while driving and have an accident. They will have a record of your shopping and the crash report. We can only image what is happening to the driver that hit me and what she was distracted with and impaired by when she did so. They will have the records. We are the data. She is theirs. They will know if she was distracted and impaired or just impaired. Do you think they will tell her what she was being microwaved with at the time of the accident?

With a little help from our friends we found an older EMF friendly car to rent and will continue to try to drive safely to work and the store. Right now we would otherwise choose to stay off the roadways.

Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

WTF Permit Application

Local Authority and Responsibility – Hoodwinked

Do not allow the local City, County or State authorities over Right-of-Ways (ROW) and other building permits tell you they have no authority due to the State Laws for the placement and operation of Wireless Telecommunication Facilities (WTF). They are hiding behind a sham and we will end up as the bagholders of the damages.

If a local authority has no authority, then it is because they have not written the local ordinance to have it and they are shirking their responsibility for protecting the Public from irresponsible installations. See our post for one legal explanation of the sham.

Wireless safety expert Cece Doucette and telecom attorney Andrew Campanelli spoke with the Pensacola City Council last month. Here’s the LINK. Please fast forward to time 11:50, when Cece’s statement begins. …

Telecom attorney Andrew Campanelli’s remarks begin at time 22:40. Andrew provides guidance to local governments about how to draft local ordinances to vest themselves with the maximum powers to control the placement of wireless facilities.

Andrew explains “smart planning provisions” are designed to achieve three objectives simultaneously: (1) allow wireless companies to provide wireless coverage customers want, (2) minimize the number of structures needed to provide that coverage, and (3) to the greatest extent possible, avoid or prevent the irresponsible placement of wireless facilities that would adversely impact neighborhoods.

The point is to avoid unnecessary impacts on residential neighborhoods, and Andrew has helped local governments do that for more than two decades.

Andrew provided a few initial tips about how to write local ordinances that vest local authority with the maximum power to control the placement of wireless facilities, and explained how cities have far more power to regulate the local placement of wireless facilities then they are led to believe. He explained Florida’s state law is a ‘hoodwink’ law – and cities like Pensacola should still enact ordinances to the extent they don’t conflict with the State law.

For more information from Andrew Campanelli, please watch a 50 minute Zoom Meeting we held with him at , where he provides even more detail about how local governments can write ordinances to exercise more local authority over the placement of 5G poles and antennas in residential neighborhoods.

WTF Permit Application

Horror in Leisureville

We have watched in horror as a high powered (17,000 watt ERP) antenna has been permitted at an entrance to Leisureville, by the City of Boynton Beach and Palm Beach County, for installation under 10 meters, within 80 feet of senior citizen residential housing. We have filed a complaint with the FCC and notified City authorities of the problem. While the FCC has essentially said the matter is one for the local authorities, the local authorities claim they cannot do anything but permit due to state laws and the state does not answer. While they are pointing the finger at each other for who is responsible, they are permitting and constructing these unlawful installations. Telecom experts we have consulted tell us that is indeed the local authorities who have the authority to set limits on the power level of these installation. See our post to Governor DeSantis. So far as we can tell, it is the local authorities and the community that will end up the bagholders for any harm. If your local authority has told you they cannot protect you, it is only because they have failed to write the appropriate ordinance to do so.

Yes, we have watched in horror as this monstrosity has been constructed and now is awaiting the electrical box and FPL meter installation. The plans show these to be like to ones at a similar installation approximately 1,300 feet away at the Checkers. It will have a 100 amp service and a 200 amp FPL meter. There are multiple bands on the antenna and other installations appear to have a surveillance band that gives off around 200 micro watts per meter squared (MWMS) measured in proximity to the pole, with pulses on the order of 10,000 MWMS. It is suggested that any residents with pacemakers may have an ADA claim that would prohibit this.

There are dozens of these installations installed and being installed in the county as local authorities permit unmitigated levels of RF radiation from wireless telecommunication facilities and deployments, without environmental assessments and in full denial of the health effects. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the collections of pier reviewed studies on these health effects that can be found in the drop down menu of Include them in any complaints you make to your local authorities.

Do find out about what is going on here and asses your personal situation. We suggest you measure the RF radiation in your home now and after this facility is started up. Do not let the City or County tell you they cannot do anything to stop it. Here is a leading legal authority on the subject:

Leave a comment on this blog to request copies of permits and complaints.

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National High-Powered Antenna Deployment Alert

Congress working on Federal Laws for deploying high powered wireless infrastructure into our communities that over-ride the few limits there are on human exposure and any requirements for assessment.  These will permit placement of high powered antennas in close proximity to the public. 

Approximately half the states have been convinced by Telecom special interest to pass ALEC laws expediting the installation of wireless infrastructure including so called small cells that were supposed to be low power (60 Watts ERP) high band antennas that do not penetrated far into the body.  These are expedited into the utility right-of-ways in close proximity to the Public.  Unfortunately, these laws limited the size of the antennas and not the power levels and the Telecoms are fully exploiting this weakness and installing high power (10,000-30,000 watts ERP), low and mid bands that rip right through people and are putting them by our homes and by us on the street. 

Protests are censored but many who understand this have been trying to hold the line and push back using existing rules and law, particularly NEPA that set some loose human exposure limits for requiring environmental assessment.  These new laws are aimed at ramming these high powered antennas through any resistance. 

Here is a summary of the legislation in progress and what you can do:

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An Open Letter to Governor DeSantis

To the Office of the Governor and State Attorney General:

I would like to bring to your attention, by the complaint I have filed, a matter of Public Safety.  It is requested that the Governor take action to protect Florida Residents and Families from the unmitigated, unnecessary and unlawful placement of High Power Antennas in close proximity to the Public. 

High Power Antennas are being permitted to be placed in State, County and Municipal right-of-ways without proper review due to a pervasive misconception relating to the exclusive authorities referenced in Florida Statute 337.401, 3. (g).  We are asking the Governor to address this misconception and make it known that all State, County, Municipal and Local governments have authority and responsibility for assuring the permitting of these facilities meets all Federal, State and Local Laws for the Safety of the Public. 


High powered “small” cell towers are being deployed in Florida and are being placed where there is no need, in close proximity to the Public.  It is requested that the Governor to make it clear to all local and state authorities, including his own FDOT (see attached), that they are all authorized and responsible for reviewing antenna permits for compliance with all local, state and federal laws to assure the SAFETY OF THE PUBLIC.  Harm from exposure to antennas emitting excessive power includes impaired immune systems.  If he does not act now to protect the people of Florida, we could find our State sick with Covid Forever.  The Public Safety Problem of exposure to excessive power from wireless telecommunication facilities should be taken no less seriously.

I have examined permits for and filed FCC Controversies on 14 small cells in Boynton Beach and Lantana from AT&T and Verizon and seen others from throughout the state.  These high power antennas typically have multiple bands, low (<1), mid (1-3), and high (3-6) GHz bands and none have ultra high band mm waves that were used as the justification for close proximity placement.  These permit applications show antennas predominantly wired for mid-band that travels miles.  Furthermore, the placements generally have no need, with cellular service that is already more than adequate.  My controversies are backlogged at the FCC and it will be months before I expect to hear from the FCC.  We need the Governor to act now to protect Florida Families and Residents.

These are being permitted for construction in City, County and State Right-of-Ways.  All these permitting agencies have been convinced that they have no authority or responsibility to review these antennas for anything but minimal building code requirements.  This is a widespread misconception based on FS 337.401 3.(g):

(g) A municipality or county may not use its authority over the placement of facilities in its roads and rights-of-way as a basis for asserting or exercising regulatory control over a provider of communications services regarding matters within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Florida Public Service Commission or the Federal Communications Commission, including, but not limited to, the operations, systems, qualifications, services, service quality, service territory, and prices of a provider of communications services.

The misinterpreted part of this section is about which services are exclusive.  There is a pervasive misconception that small cells are somehow exempt from review for compliance with federal law by FS 337.401. Yet FS 337.401 does not contain the word exempt.  See the analysis under section (g) from

This page is one of three legs of the stool that establishes local control over the operations of Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs); the other two are the US House/Senate Conference Report for the 1996 Telecommunications Act (“1996-Act”) and the stated purpose of the 1996-Act: to promote the safety of life and property.

The regulation of the operations of Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs) is not under exclusive jurisdiction of the Florida Public Service Commission or the Federal Communications Commission, so any municipality or county can regulate the maximum Effective Radiated Power allowed to preserve the quiet enjoyment of streets, provide public safety and fulfill the mission of the 1996-TCA: “to promote the safety of life and property”

The antennas causing the Public Safety Problem are considered High Powered based on the following. 

  • The 47 CFR §1.1307 Table 1. regulatory criteria of 1,000 Watts of ERP
  • 47 CFR § 22.913 Effective radiated power limits of 500 Watts ERP per emission
  • The Infographic of 2014 in my original email to the Governor (following).  
5G built right
Not so smart to pay Telecom for broadband and get inferior, toxic radiation 5G.

The 2014 source lists Small Cells with an input power up to 10 watts and an EIRP of up to 100 watts (ERP of up to 61 watts).  These are the power levels presented to sell “smart” cities and pass ALEC laws for expediting them.  Now what is being deployed is 300X higher and has the power of broadcasting stations.  These are being placed by our homes and by us on the street, exposing us to excessive power levels.  Here are several small cell high power antennas from some of the permits I have reviewed:

Amphenol 2C4U3MT360X06-Fxys0

Band, Mhz Input Watts No. Total Input Gain, dBi Power Factor Mid-Band ERP Total ERP
696-806 500 2     1,000 4.8 3.02       3,020
808-960 500 2     1,000 4.5 2.82       2,818
1695-1880 300 2        600 6.9 4.90     2,939     2,939
1850-1990 300 2        600 7 5.01     3,007     3,007
1920-2200 300 2        600 6.9 4.90     2,939     2,939
2300-2700 300 2        600 8 6.31     3,786     3,786
3550-3700 100 4        400 5.8 3.80       1,521
5150-5925 50 2        100 5.8 3.80          380
          4,900       12,691   20,409

Amphenol CUUT360X12Fxyz0

Band, Mhz Input Watts No. Total Input Gain, dBi Power Factor Mid-Band ERP Total ERP
696-806 500 1        500 5.5 3.55       1,774
806-960 500 1        500 6 3.98       1,991
1695-1880 300 2        600 9 7.94     4,766     4,766
1850-1990 300 2        600 9.5 8.91     5,348     5,348
1920-2200 300 2        600 10 10.00     6,000     6,000
2300-2700 300 2        600 10.3 10.72     6,429     6,429
3550-3700 none            
5150-5925 none            
          3,400     22,543   26,307

Kathrein 84010604

Band/Port Gain PF Watt/input ERP/input Mid-Band ERP Total ERP
698-894 7 5.01 124              621    
1,2 7.4 5.5 124              681          3,670
3,4 7.6 5.75 124              714    
  7.6 5.75 124              714    
1695-2690 8.2 6.61 150              991                991  
5,6 8.3 6.76 150          1,014             1,014        4,920
7,8 8.5 7.08 150          1,062             1,062  
  7.8 6.03 150              904                904  
1695-2690 7.8 6.03 150              904                904  
9,10 8.3 6.76 150          1,014             1,014        4,950
11,12 8.6 7.24 150          1,087             1,087  
  8.3 6.76 150          1,014             1,014  
3400-4200 6.5 4.47 100              447    
13,14 6.5 4.47 100              447          2,600
5150-5925 5.8 3.8 50              190    
17,18 5.6 3.63 50              182    
19,20 6 3.98 50              199          1,096
  6 3.98 50              199    
  4 2.51 50              126    
          2,146             7,990      17,236

These antennas are PUBLIC SAFETY PROBLEMS that are exposing the Public to excessive levels of power from these wireless telecommunication facilities with complete disregard for one of the most basic requirements of the Communications Act of 1934.

47 U.S. Code § 324:
“In all circumstances . . . all radio stations . . . shall use the
minimum amount of power necessary to carry out the communication desired.”
(June 19, 1934, ch. 652, title III, § 324, 48 Stat. 1091.)

I urge you to address this complaint and lead our State to a telecommunications system that serves everybody.  I request this be done expeditiously as the harm is upon us.  Floridians are networking throughout the state, country and world to identify safe technology for Florida. and we would like to meet with the Governor or his Legal Staff to discuss solutions. 

Your consideration would be appreciated.

See a vision of the future from the State of New Hampshire:

WTF Permit Application

Dear Neighbor – What To Do

It seems the great plans for magical microwaves have dropped out of the news, leaving many states with laws being used to deploy high powered small cells (antennas) in the right of ways of our homes and businesses. You may find that local authorities, point the finger at the state and federal, while the state and federal point their finger at the local authorities. And in the meantime they install more and more of these. I have seen the permits for what is being installed in my community and have seen permits for antennas that have unmitigated, unlawful and unnecessary power levels that can be harmful to life and property that are being installed without the proper horizontal and vertical setbacks.

First let me say that if your local authority does not have authority over the power levels and setbacks of these antennas, it is because they have not written their own ordinances to stay compliant and effective with respect to current law. The legal matters are complicated and they may not believe or even want to have the authority to protect the public, so if you take this issue up with them, be prepared.

What YOU can do is get a list of permit applications and be alert for what they plan that may effect you. I would also suggest you notify anyone else you see that may be placed in harms way. Be advised that it appears such information is being obscured to prevent you from getting this information so you may need to request and search for this information in numerous ways. You will probably find that there are conventional antenna applications that are made through the building department of your city or county. Those would be requested as “current applications for wireless telecommunication facilities”. Make an appointment to go see the list and bring a digital camera and photograph what you cannot easily get a copy of. It they give you a Covid excuse, they should send you the list. Depending on how big your area is, you may need to limit the request to any open permit that has not been finaled through inspection. These are the easy ones to find. They will likely be monopole towers and rooftop installations, either new or modifications. Get a list of them all. Then you will need to make further request for the permit application files for the ones of interest.

Then there are the Right-of-Way (ROW) permit applications. The ROW is the area, usually along the roadway, where utilities may be installed. Some states have decided to allow them to be used by the telecoms to install their facilities with special considerations for what they termed small cellular equipment. These are physically small antennas that were originally represented as being no more than around 60 watts of Effective Radiated Power (ERP) but are now actually being installed at around 10,000 – 30,000 watts of ERP. The laws here were at one time clear they could do that and then changes so they could not and then changed so that maybe they could if the state said so. Find out about these and protect you and yours.

Finding these permits is not straight-forward. There are city, county, state and federal ROW systems. The ROW for the antenna installation may be associated with other ROW for the power supply and there may also be a local Building Department permit for it. The Building Departments may or may not list these as Antenna permit applications and my try to process them as Electrical of other permits. They will pertain to the power supply and try to avoid including the actual antenna. This results in a variety of permitting defects that can be useful. You cannot actually permit the power supply to an antenna without involving telecom equipment that it connects to and what these Building Department permits are will at least be an antenna modification permit. Look for the RRU, which is a Remote Radio Unit, that is part of the antenna control system.

Finding the ROW permits is also challenging. You may have county, state and federal ROW in a city. Most of the worst installations would be on the smaller roads that are controlled by the municipalities. Some of these are right by peoples homes. So, when you are trying to get the Building Department records you may need to make it clear you also want to see these records, and get that list. Understand that it may be a separate information system. There is a lot of variation in how the county and municipal ROW records are organized and processed. To say there is a lack of transparency here is an understatement.

You may find the state ROW online and just need to find out how to search the system for the antenna installations. They will likely be called small cells. In Florida, these are online through the Florida Department of Transportation. Then you will need to find your local office and request to see any permitting files of interest.

Yes, get the lists. See if you are OK and warn others who are not. Then what? Fight or flight? Say you are on the list. You will first need the actual permitting files to identify the actual location. It is common to find that the addresses given on the permitting files are not correct. That also means you should check all locations within 1,000 feet of you, very carefully (get the file). You may be able to guess with the exact location and the specifications for the antenna, just how much trouble you may be in. If they are going to install 20,000 watts of ERP 30 feet from your home, I would suggest you make plans for flight while you fight. You can otherwise assess if you can mitigate your home. Immediately conduct a Need Test. Get a phone for the telecom installing the small cell and see how many bar are on the phone at the site and for 300-600 feet around it. (Note: Never advertise a need test.) If you get 3-4 bar, the installation is without need and you have grounds for a fight, even in states with the worst laws. As long as you can make a cell phone call with good quality, that connects and does not drop throughout the area, there really is no need for the installation under the Communications Act. So assess the Need on both those basis. Documenting the need is usually done by video and requires three people who will provide affidavits. You may also be able to get a power density survey, if you have the $.

For the fight you will need all the permitting files associated with the site. Your best reference for how to file a controversy with the FCC is Susan with Scientists for Wired Technology. She works by donation. Also contact My Street My Choice both links on my reference page. If the antenna is under 33 feet high and over 1,000 watts of ERP it is likely violating a lot of FCC rules. Even if it is over 33 feet high it can still violate them. NEPA is the main one. Filing a controversy is not necessarily a cure. The FCC is considered a captured agency. However, I think this is the best way to notify all parties you do not consent and WHY, short of getting an attorney and taking them to court. Some places have tried Cease and Desist notices and if you have disabilities, there are recourse through ADA so find out more, but we will not address these here.

If you are getting an attorney to fight, the best is considered Andrew J Campanelli out of New York. He is online so you can get a lot of his advise for free at various safe tech websites. Your chances of stopping an install are way better than getting one removed.

If you do have one installed near you, you should get a meter and check your exposures. Most of the permits I have seen are powered up on low and mid band so the waves travel. If you can site the source within 2,000 feet, you should check your exposures. Or if you are within 1,000 feet sited or not. See the Three Things page for what you can do.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I monitor the blog weekly.

WTF Permit Application

Dear Palm Beach County Neighbor

These so called “small” cells are 100X more powerful that what was proposed for Smart Cities. The harm they do is just DUMB

These past years we have seen the invasion of wireless Towers and so called “small” Cells into our neighborhoods and by our homes. The microwave radiation levels in our communities has become excessive. Small Cells are small in size only and can be as powerful as the Towers, but placed much closer. I urge you to find out about these facilities before they are constructed and take action before your property is debased and your health further harmed. Most of these installations are UNNECESSARY and UNLAWFUL. Our other posts list some of the locations in Boynton Beach and Lantana where some of these these are planned. But now we have a list for unincorporated Palm Beach County. They are found as electrical permits but they are more likely to actually be permits to modify and/or construct these small wireless telecommunication facilities.

Here is a link to more details if you see an address near you.

Contact us here if you need help filing complaints. Your City and County may tell you that they cannot do anything, but the law have changed over the last year and these wireless facilities are not entitled to the status of utilities. The placement of these facilities in close proximity to the public is a PUBLIC SAFETY PROBLEM. We will have another post about that.

Address That May be a Small Cell Location
8405 Winnipesaukee Way, Lake Worth, 33467
3208 Medinah Cir W, Lake Worth, 33467
18816 Rio Vista Dr, Jupiter, 33469
18915 S State Road 7, Boca Raton, 33498
7294 Willow Spring Cir W, Boynton Beach, 33436
4408 Hypoluxo Rd, Lantana, 33462
3382 Belvedere Rd, West Palm Beach, 33406
3936 Dorrit Ave, Boynton Beach, 33436
20735 S State Road 7, Boca Raton, 33428
10020 Lawrence Rd, Boynton Beach, 33436
2750 Lantana Rd, Lantana, 33462
17346 Lake Park Rd, Boca Raton, 33487
11090 Jack Nicklaus Dr, North Palm Beach, 33408
21704 Glades Rd, Boca Raton, 33498
4515 Weymouth St, Lake Worth, 33463
5585 S State Road 7, Lake Worth, 33449
8220 Lake Worth Rd, Lake Worth, 33467
79 Kelly Dr, West Palm Beach, 33411
4831 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, 33417
5999 Le Chalet Blvd, Boynton Beach, 33472
6498 Lake Worth Rd, Lake Worth, 33463
6504 Linton Blvd, Delray Beach, 33446
6765 Country Club Rd, West Palm Beach, 33411
5049 Summit Blvd, West Palm Beach, 33415
5995 S Haverhill Rd, Lake Worth, 33463
7680 Forest Hill Blvd, West Palm Beach, 33413
12813 Glades Rd, Boca Raton, 33498
13710 Old Prosperity Farms Rd, Palm Beach Gardens, 33410

If we do not set limits on these, the installation will continue and we will all be living in unmitigated, excessive levels of radiation.

WTF Permit Application

Dear Neighbor – Contact Us

5G built right
This is what was advertised and something very different is happening. See the Small Cell here that is just a bit more powerful that a Wi-Fi Router? Well what they are putting in are thousands of Watts. Make sure you know the FCC rules and what is scheduled for installation in your neighborhood.

Telecoms are currently pushing installation of Wireless Telecom Facilities (WTF) that do not appear to comply with current Federal Law. They are doing it because it will cost them a lot more to comply with the rules. You will need to go to your Municipal or County Building Departments and ask to review the pending permit applications for WTF to know if one is planned for installation in the Right-of-Way of your home or community.

There are eight ROW permits in Lantana for small cells, from Verizon. The antenna is only partially defined but appears to have multiple antennas and bands of high power. These are being installed in close proximity to people and their homes and do not likely comply with FCC rules for Effective Radiated Power. The planned sites are as follows and FCC Complaint have been filed on the first four:

Lantana Permits
1402 West Mango
401 Minnesota
555 East Coast
708 S Broadway
1003 S Broadway
1300 S Broadway
1142 W Garnett St
1319 W Jennings

I also found numerous “Small” cells going up in Boynton Beach from AT&T What can be seen installed appears to be a high powered antennas in close proximity to people and their homes. The proposed antenna in the plans has a maximum input power of approximately 2,000 watts and an effective radiated power of approximately 17,000 watts. Here is the antenna . It comes with a 100 amp service and a 200 amp meter – enough for a Macro Cell Tower . The sites being permitted are as follows. High Ridge Road has an even larger antenna and is discussed in a separate post.

Boynton Beach Sites:

AddressStatusElectical PermitROW PermitAntenna Permit
3473 High Ridge RoadOn HoldE-19-020E-19-03419-4044  Antenna
1900 N. FederalApproved20-28532019-H-496-00317
2360 N FederalApproved20-2856E-19-040 19-1551-Ant-Cancelled
1601 S. FederalApproved19-4842 Fiber-Optics19-1792-Ant-Cancelled
755 W Boynton Beach BlvdApproved20-2854 UT55327, 5426920-2732-Other-Void
1001 Leisure LaneOn Hold20-2848E19-021,E20-01619-1241-Ant-Cancelled
2315 SW 11thOn Hold20-2881 UT55551,52921,54243 
3112 SE 1st PlaceApproved20-2855E-19-033 
2190 NE 1st LaneApproved20-2859 E-19-029 
2770 NE 1st StreetOn Hold20-2857E-19-01919-1242-Ant-Cancelled
3662 Newport Ave On Hold20-3240E-20-031, E-19-03619-1445-Ant-Cancelled

Four more filed in September and October in Boynton Beach

20-45027044 Lawrence
20-4957740 N. Congress
20-49593000 Old Boynton
20-49601501 N. Congress

If you have problems, contact me here through the comments that are moderated. Do not wait until they are installed.

200 Amps – Enough to supply it’s full potential of 17,000 Watts Effective Radiated Power – Just a modification away.