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So, maybe you have read some of the 11,000 pages of research on radiofrequency/microwave (RF/MW) radiation that was presented in court to crack the dam of denial on the safety of RF/MW radiation or maybe you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired. And by now you should suspect that it is not just a small lie we have been told about the safety of this technology, it is a BIG one. And in the pit of your stomach, maybe there is dread of facing what we have done to ourselves and those around us we care about. Put that aside and get busy. You can find our suggestions on the Three Things page for mitigations. Here we will talk about wi-fi and the new court ruling.

A good wi-fi system is not a box from your ISP who is most interested in using you for a broadcasting station. If you have one of the few models that have Radio Transmit Power Control, you may be able to work with it, but, unless your house is over 2,500 square feet, we suggest you invest in your own modem and router. You may save on equipment rentals. Most ISP boxes, referred to as gateways, cannot even be shut off at night for you to sleep. Even if you take out the batteries, most have capacitors that keep them broadcasting for hours.

A good router has on/off power, on/off wi-fi, antennas and Radio Transmit Power Control. That way you can aim the power where you want it, use only what you need and turn it off when you go to sleep. If you are going cold turkey, get a wired router without an antenna and make it harder for Big Brother. If you want to get some really cool tech, look at the JRS Eco Router that is smart enough to transmit only on demand. Here is how to set one up.

Most dual band routers have two radios at 4 Watts Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) each. There was a time wi-fi was relatively low powered stuff, but that went away years ago. These can put out power densities on the order of 10,000 micro-watts per meter squared around the source and that is 1,000 times too high for anything you want to spend time around. Some routers are said to reach 150 feet inside and 300 feet outside. The power drops off with distance squared. So if your house is 40 feet X 40 feet then you would only need about 20% of the power for a unit centrally located. That is why, when you search for networks you may see too many in your house already. This leads to what many mistake as a lack of power, but is actually a problem of too many over-powered systems… INTERFERENCE.

The relationships between speed, power and interference are what sets the limits of the technology and is why wireless 5G and WiFi5 have failed to successfully produce high speed internet. If you want speed, wire it with some good Cat 7 or better shielded Ethernet cable. MOCA also provides shielded connections with nearly as much speed. You can otherwise try wearing RF/MW radiation Personnel Protective Equipment or paying with your health. And if you cannot get around the interference, even that might now work so well.

You phone or your laptop can tell you how far your signal is going, but for more details how to get the best setup, we recommend app called Netspot or something similar that tells you more about signal strength and what channel the signals in your home are operating on. For the best performance with the least power, you will need to pick a channel for each band of your router or put it on auto-select if that is an option. Then position the router and antenna to access the devices on the system.

If you cannot get a clear channel, you can track the other sources and try to negotiate a deal with your neighbors. Turning down the wi-fi leads to better health and better security. Another option is to put up radio-protection from the offending source.

And when it comes to wi-fi settings on your mobile devices we say, DON’T BE A HOT SPOT. This is an access point to your system. Microsoft put it on Windows 10 as an option with the default set ON. It is additional exposure, it uses your bandwidth and drains your battery and increases the opportunity for a hack.

If you have a newer gateway box or router, it may be capable of Wi-fi 6. You can find the designations for the generations of Wi-fi here: Know that they are enhanced with high levels of pulsed modulation, one of the matters raised in the recent court case. Pulse modulation contradicts the classification of RF/MW radiation as non-ionizing because that classification is based on a single photon and the assumption they do not combine, while pulsed modulation technology is multi-photon technology that combines photons in a manner that enhances transmissions but also makes them exponentially more ionizing. Since they have already reached power limits on the gateways and routers, they are now increasing the levels of pulsed modulation, still trying to make their failed technology work. If you have an EMF meter with sound, you should be able to hear the pulsed patterns. That is, if there is not already too much interference.

Certain versions of Wi-fi 6 may broadcast on the 6 GHz band at frequencies that are actually over 6 GHz so be aware that, in the recent case against FCC they were found to have no basis for any safety assurance above 6 GHz, so we suggest you review the legality of exactly what frequencies are there, before use. We will post more information on that as it becomes available.

As a result of the recent court decision, we expect the FCC will be telling you more about how it is your responsibility to use your FCC approved device in a manner it does not exceed limits. Already some equipment suppliers are slipping co-location disclaimers into their user’s manuals. See page 55 of this manual. It was issued 8-11-2020 so you know they knew this was coming.

So you go figure out how to operate a device that is at the maximum allowable power when you have a dozen other devices broadcasting the same area. We say turn it down and get wired and grounded, my friend. There will be more non-sense to come.

Oh yes, more is coming as it looks like the unlicensed bands will be overloaded even more by local governments to bring you low priced (and low speed) service for all. Now there will be another wi-fi system in your house. Find out more.

WTF Permit Application

A Crack in the Dam

FCC RF Microwave Radiation Guidelines: A False Illusion of Safety; The Dam of Denial Has Begun to Crack

The U.S. Federal Court ruled on Friday, August 13, 2021, that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) must explain why it ignored science showing harm from wireless radiation.

And the worst part of it all is that 5G wireless simply failed to deliver the high speed internet they said would compete with Fiber-optics.

The world owes a big thank you to the Children’s Health Defense and The Environmental Health Trust for taking the FCC to task.

Find out more:

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Subject: Court Orders FCC To Revisit Possible 5G & Wireless Harms

In 2019, after 6 years of alleged review, the FCC issued a decision that its 5G and wireless guidelines protect public health. This decision has been used to remove “barriers” for 5G deployment, to quiet the public’s concerns and to deny accommodations for those who are ill from wireless technologies. Those who raised concerns were labeled “conspiracy theorists.”
Consequently, Children’s Health Defense and other petitioners sued the FCC, challenging the legitimacy of the decision.
On August 13, 2021, the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit Court ruled that the FCC’s 2019 decision is “capricious and arbitrary.” and not evidence based as it relates to non-thermal, non-cancer harm. The court remanded the decision to the FCC.
As a result, compliance with FCC guidelines can no longer imply that wireless “smart” devices and infrastructures are safe.
According to the court, both the FCC and the FDA failed to review substantial evidence of harm. The petitioners filed 11,000 pages of evidence, showing that pulsed radiofrequency (RF) radiation emitted from Wi-Fi, smart meters, cell towers and 5G can and have caused illness.
The court’s dismay was most apparent in the January 2021 hearing. The judges’ questions revealed their doubt that FCC guidelines are relevant to the current wireless reality.
The ruling stated the FCC failed to respond to evidence that the testing of cell phones is flawed; to address evidence of prenatal harm, a potential link to ADHD, and harm to children; evidence that this radiation causes electro-sensitivity; blood-brain barrier damage; cognitive & neurological problems; and evidence of mechanisms of harm; harm from long-term exposure; pulsation, modulation, and the effects of new technologies like Wi-Fi & 5G.
The Court noted that the FCC failed to address evidence of environmental harm. It quoted a Dept. of the Interior letter stating that cell towers affect migratory birds and that the FCC guidelines are 30 years out of date.
We ask you to take action to protect the public and our children. Legislators must move swiftly to:
1. Alert the public that it can no longer trust that wireless devices are safe and instruct them to reduce exposure.
2. Halt any further deployment of 5G, satellites and wireless-based technologies.
3. Remove the FCC from regulating health effects of wireless.
4. Appoint a committee chaired by the EPA with NIEHS and independent scientists to review the science and promulgate biologically-based guidelines.
5. Remove the FCC commissioners and the FDA department head who were part of the 2019 decision. They violated the public trust and caused harm to many.
The FCC’s blind pursuit of wireless with reckless disregard for public health have caused widespread sickness and even death. We must PAUSE before entering another roll-out of wireless infrastructure and develop guidelines that do in fact protect the public and require telecom to develop safer technologies.
Thank you.

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OTARD – Dear Neighbor…

After a big win with the FCC, The Children’s Health Defense is hot on the case of OTARD but right now one could appear in your neighbors yard. And any one of them can basically set up a 60 GHz broadcasting station. You have one defense, and you need to let your neighbor know you will do it. Hopefully, before any damage is done.

Find out more about commingled services and let them know you will sue them for every dime they have, if they do it.

If you see one of these – get a lawyer before you need a doctor.

Find out more:

WTF Permit Application

Palm Beach County Wi-Fi In Your Home 24/7 – Did You Consent?

2020 Do Not Consent

It is just 158 milli-watts, what could go wrong?

Small cell towers were supposed to be under 60 watts of Effective Radiated Power (ERP). Now they sit by our homes and by us on the streets with 200 amp FPL meters on them for their 100 amp electrical services and antennas for broadcasting around 20,000 watts. And the worst part is that for all this harm, wireless 5G has simply failed to deliver.

Now you may have heard that the new wi-fi mesh network is not that awful 5G and it operates at 158 milli-watts. What you need to know is that is the Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) of one antenna. It is the lowest power antenna in the network and it is one of three antennas on the TP-Link RE450 Wi-fi extender (that is 5th generation wireless wi-fi technology, Wi-Fi 5). The total output of the extender is 750 milli-watts or 0.75 watts. We have been told they are planning to deploy 105,000 of these devices.

But don’t stop there, because the network does not. FPL has donated 1,000 poles and we take that to be for the repeaters for the 25,000 students mentioned in the Newsletter. Eventually we estimate there will be approximately 4,000 repeater poles installed in the right-of-ways of residents homes that will have solar powered repeaters on them. They each have three antennas, too and they output 3 watts EIRP.

But don’t stop there, because the best is the FCC limit busting root radios that are actually designed as transmission line bridges known as point-to-point (P2P) radios. They will be installed on poles at the schools along with Emergency Management System broadcasting equipment. We cannot say about the EMS equipment, even though we wonder why they are not using fast, safe, secure fiber optics. But there will be approximately 300 Wi-fi mesh network root radios. They can probably put out about 25 watts EIRP each, although the FCC limit is probably 4 (maybe 8) watts EIRP. Who has consented for our schools to become radio broadcasting systems?

Now you can do the math and guess we have a wi-fi mesh network system that is almost 100,000 watts EIRP.

We really get a warm, fuzzy feeling when we read what the SDPBC Newsletter says about the FCC compliance of their Wi-Fi 5 mesh network here:

The WiFi Mesh Network is not 5G technology. It is a simple radio that connects broadband service to residences using WiFi extenders. All the equipment utilized for this project complies with all applicable Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines.

This is particularly troublesome due to a recent court ruling. The U.S. Federal Court ruled on Friday, August 13, 2021, that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) must explain why it ignored science showing harm from wireless radiation. The refusal by the FCC to set standards pertains to all wireless technology and now calls the safety of Palm Beach County’s WiFi Mesh project into question. 

Also, Verizon says this about wi-fi: Wi-Fi is basically just another frequency of radio we use to wirelessly connect devices.

What the FCC has are rules about the unlicensed band that is being used here for this network. Using a P2P radio at full power in a P2MP application like this could result in fines and penalties for operation without a license. So we are wondering if the School District will respond to our request for the power output records for the P2P radios they have installed at our schools. This system collects quite a bit of performance data and reports it to the cloud where is should be available as public information.

What else could go wrong?

Remember those small cells that went from 60 watts to 20,000 watts and still did not deliver? Like your home wi-fi system that used to run at mili-watt levels and is now frying you at probably 8 watts EIRP because that is the FCC limit for a dual band router. Like the swamp of towers, small cells and antennas everywhere that are just not delivering high speed internet. THEY WILL POWER IT UP TO THE MAX.

The FCC limit for the power of the number of devices in the SDPBC Wi-Fi Network is around 900,000 watts EIRP.

And they WILL do it. And it still will not deliver high speed internet.

So, let’s talk about the speed check. High speed internet is supposed to have an upload and download speed of 100 Mbps. Anybody out there who has one of these TP-Link extenders in their home connected to this network and can run a speed check, please post it here. Reports on the performance of the extender that we can find, say it can’t bust 50 Mbps, even when it is in the same room with the router.

WTF Permit Application

High Speed For Me, But NOT For Thee

Palm Beach County partners with the School Board to provide low income students with low budget wi-fi. Let’s talk about Speed Checks.
You bet he has has Fiber To The Premises (FTTP) and at least 1,000 Mbps. Can the Student Wi-Fi even achieve 100 Mbps? Let’s talk about Speed Checks.

While the Town of Palm Beach enjoys their fast, safe Fiber To The Premises (FTTP) broadband under exception from the imposition of wireless broadcasts everywhere, our students will be given access through this wi-fi extender:

TP-Link RE450, the Latest Generation of Wi-Fi. Let’s talk about the speed check. Can the mesh network achieve upload and download speeds of 100 Mbps, or is it maybe more like 50 Mbps or maybe less?

Big Telecom made Big Promises of 5G speeds 25X 4G speeds, that would compete with FTTP speeds of 1,000 Mbps. Guess what happened for all those $ and radiofrequency/microwave (RF/MW) exposures orders of magnitude higher? A whopping 2.7 X for 50 Mbps. And THAT is what you get with wireless.

Read the letter to the FCC about what is being deployed on the people of Palm Beach County: FCC Letter

We think the good people of Palm Beach County should ask the following questions about this wi-fi deployment:

  • How many eligible students actually have no home access to the internet?
  • What are the average and minimum upload and download speeds delivered to the student’s laptop or tablet?
  • How many residences will have elevated radiofrequency/microwave radiation as a result of the deployment and what are the possible health effects?
  • What is the total property value of the residences where the poles will be installed in the right-of-ways and how much will of the tax base will be lost with a 20% drop in those values?
  • Has there been a hurricane wind-load analysis done of the pole and the attachments? Who owns the liability?
  • How much interference does this deployment cause with existing wi-fi and cellular systems?
  • How much high frequency noise do the root radios, repeaters and extenders cause on the electrical grid? 

Oh! But it is so much less expensive than FTTP? We do not think so. Utility Subsidies have been misappropriated from FTTP to wireless systems for decades. Wireless is actually more expensive and way less efficient than FTTP. You can find out more about crossed subsidies from the Irregulators at . Just do not let anyone tell you there is not enough money for fast, safe and secure connections.

WTF Permit Application

What’s In Your Right-Of-Way?

Since Florida has been turned into a 5G State, laws were made to expedite telecom deployments into your Right-of-Way. It has become the Telecom Wild West as the people who were supposed to represent their electorate did not. If your local authorities tell you they cannot stop the irresponsible placement of these things by your home, know that it is simply because they have not updated your ordinances to do so. See our post

These may be placed in municipal, county, state or federal right-of-ways (ROW) depending on who manages the roadway. In Palm Beach County, many roads, even in municipalities, are managed by Palm Beach County. And these have been very hard to find. Some may have associated building or electrical permits. Now you can watch some of your roadways to see what might be coming your way.

Palm Beach County now brings you public access to these permits. The link can be found here listed under Useful Links as Public Access to Right of Way Permit. Try this direct link

To find the permit, zoom in on the street and you will see some numbers, most starting with UT. Click on it to bring up a link to the permits themselves. If the permit itself is not listed, it is because it has not yet been issued and you will need to contact Land Development directly for the permit application. We appreciate the transparency.

If you do not find anything on the road, it is next most likely under the control of the municipality and you would contact the department that manages ROW permits. State Road ROW are managed by the FDOT and they have public access to identify the permit, but not access to the permit itself. Try this search: You will need to contact the FDOT District Office to get the permit.

WTF Permit Application

Palm Beach County Social Injustice for Students

Access for all. Just not the same access. While Palm Beach enjoys exclusion from 5G wireless as they run fiber to the buildings, our low-income families and their neighbors will have toxic wireless wi-fi broadcasts into their homes 24/7. Let us say, the home units are bad enough in terms of exposure, but at least you can turn them off at night to sleep. There will be no such luxury for low income students. They are going to be “included” 24/7. Now low income students will be low sleep students, too. And so will all their neighbors.

If you have ever searched for a wi-fi network from your home, you would notice how many networks are there, all contributing toward your Radio Frequency (RF) radiation exposure and all causing INTERFERENCE. Most units people get from their Internet Service Provider (ISP) are for their broadcasting benefit and are overpowered for a medium to small home. The ISP serves the ISP and few know what to do about it. See our Three Things page for ideas. When these wi-fi systems do not work, it is usually not for a lack of power, but that someone nearby is broadcasting on a similar channel and causing interference. The solution is to change your channel to a clear one, if you can find it. Unfortunately, many are powering up, creating ever more problems as the entire wireless technology interferes with itself.

Now you will have a new ISP, the SDPBC who will take whatever channel they want and power it up as needed. The unlicensed bands are supposed to be free of such intrusion and many are watching to see if they will get away with it. We are watching, too, as we pray for the children who must lay-me-down-to-sleep in fields of RF radiation.

And what is the rational for this kind of “inclusion”? It can be done with only 10,000 devices? There are said to be 105,000 students that need access. Or is it 25,000? We hear conflicting things. Let us find a way to get our students what they need that does not involve RF exposures that disturb their sleep, effect their health and bring them down.

We know that there are utilities subsidies that have been paid for fiber-optic broadband that have been misappropriated into wireless networks for decades, amounting to near a trillion dollars. We know the funding is there.

Do you think a County with a population of 1,500,000 people could find the money for 25,000 safe and secure internet connections?

I hope the people of Palm Beach County will fight for every student to have a safe and secure wireline connection to the internet under their control, to learn, grow and prosper. We must teach our children to manage their technology wisely so that it does not steal their bright futures from them. There is too much harm already and SDPBC must do the right thing here for our low-income students and families. SAFE TECH Internet for all!

WTF Permit Application

Trees Have No Choice

Palm Tree Dying WPB
February 2020 – Tree in path of microwave antennas
June 2021 – Tree in path of microwave antennas.

This poor palm in the path of microwave antennas had no choice but to endure the onslaught. YOU have choices and we suggest it is now time to take action. It is the women who know by now that the ever increasing levels of microwave radiation for surveillance and control being placed on us is killing us. Historically reporting 75% of the adverse health effects it is not know if women are more susceptible or just more aware. It becomes particularly more obvious with age so listen to the wise old women. It is the women who know by now it is time to fight or die. You may choose to run for a bit but there is intended to be no place to hide. Not even the deepest bunker, for the very ground will be electrified.

But what to do? Will there be a Joan of Arc event with her slaying antennas, mounted on a noble steed? We think not. It is all described on our Three Things page what you should do to be most likely to survive this. We suggest you start now.

We have noticed that Dr. Charlie Ward is having trouble making eye contact in his videos with his Insiders Club. Yet he still tells them that Elon Musk is no longer a sociopath and that Starlink QFS is the solution for benevolent mass population control system. I guess he hoping you have not noticed that that the low earth orbit satellites they have been launching are causing mass pain and illness and destroying the planet.

Recognize the power that is yours and use it wisely.

WTF Permit Application

***5G Drivers *** DANGER! DANGER! Distracted & Impaired

We have noticed for some time that drivers on the highways are out of their minds, most likely under the influence of the massive RF/EMF power densities being broadcast down the roadways. These fields affect your blood flow and can impair your judgement. We did not expect one of these drivers to hit us as we turned into the parking lot where we work. Fortunately, that vehicle sent a crash report to get the mess cleaned up quickly and then it processed us into a System of Exploitation and Abuse.

My beautiful older car that I bought with money left to me by my Mother, when she passed away, was towed from the scene. Fortunately. I was ready with a tow service of my choosing and a place to bring it that I could trust. It is MY car and the choice to repair it is mine. But will there be justice from the System of E&A? Not Likely.

The decision to repair our car at any cost was made by the rental car we were offered. Once we experienced this Technological Nightmare from Hell, we understood that the accident/insurance System of E&A was feeding the mass madness of megalomaniacs who would control the human race to death even using our cars. All they want is everything.

Not only did the Technological Nightmare from Hell have an Infotainment System that created distractions for the driver including online shopping, it would ping you with pulses of microwaves, even if you disconnected all devices and turned it off. These pulses occurred approximately every 10 seconds and were of increasing power up to over 6 V/m. We got a headache just sitting there trying to turn it off. This is how impaired drivers are created. It was obviously scanning for connections as the cellular bars and available wi-fry networks were updating. Not a single entity associated with this Infotainment System could tell us how it worked, how to shut it off or and why it was on in the first place. The most reasonable explanation we got was that it was associated with one of the radio apps. But why was that running with the radio off? We would have stared pulling fuses and physically disconnecting the Infotainment Monster, if it had been our vehicle. But it belonged to the System of E&A and would do their bidding. We say, send these monsters back to Hell.

When we brought our rental car back, we were told that all the rental agencies were doing the same. Yes we see these Infotainment Monsters on all our new cars and the System of E&A that would give you no choice. Really?

Before you wonder if it worth exorcising this monster from your vehicle, consider what will happen to you if you are shopping while driving and have an accident. They will have a record of your shopping and the crash report. We can only image what is happening to the driver that hit me and what she was distracted with and impaired by when she did so. They will have the records. We are the data. She is theirs. They will know if she was distracted and impaired or just impaired. Do you think they will tell her what she was being microwaved with at the time of the accident?

With a little help from our friends we found an older EMF friendly car to rent and will continue to try to drive safely to work and the store. Right now we would otherwise choose to stay off the roadways.

Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

WTF Permit Application

Local Authority and Responsibility – Hoodwinked

Do not allow the local City, County or State authorities over Right-of-Ways (ROW) and other building permits tell you they have no authority due to the State Laws for the placement and operation of Wireless Telecommunication Facilities (WTF). They are hiding behind a sham and we will end up as the bagholders of the damages.

If a local authority has no authority, then it is because they have not written the local ordinance to have it and they are shirking their responsibility for protecting the Public from irresponsible installations. See our post for one legal explanation of the sham.

Wireless safety expert Cece Doucette and telecom attorney Andrew Campanelli spoke with the Pensacola City Council last month. Here’s the LINK. Please fast forward to time 11:50, when Cece’s statement begins. …

Telecom attorney Andrew Campanelli’s remarks begin at time 22:40. Andrew provides guidance to local governments about how to draft local ordinances to vest themselves with the maximum powers to control the placement of wireless facilities.

Andrew explains “smart planning provisions” are designed to achieve three objectives simultaneously: (1) allow wireless companies to provide wireless coverage customers want, (2) minimize the number of structures needed to provide that coverage, and (3) to the greatest extent possible, avoid or prevent the irresponsible placement of wireless facilities that would adversely impact neighborhoods.

The point is to avoid unnecessary impacts on residential neighborhoods, and Andrew has helped local governments do that for more than two decades.

Andrew provided a few initial tips about how to write local ordinances that vest local authority with the maximum power to control the placement of wireless facilities, and explained how cities have far more power to regulate the local placement of wireless facilities then they are led to believe. He explained Florida’s state law is a ‘hoodwink’ law – and cities like Pensacola should still enact ordinances to the extent they don’t conflict with the State law.

For more information from Andrew Campanelli, please watch a 50 minute Zoom Meeting we held with him at , where he provides even more detail about how local governments can write ordinances to exercise more local authority over the placement of 5G poles and antennas in residential neighborhoods.