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5G built right
This is what was advertised and something very different is happening. See the Small Cell here that is just a bit more powerful that a Wi-Fi Router? Well what they are putting in are thousands of Watts. Make sure you know the FCC rules and what is scheduled for installation in your neighborhood.

Telecoms are currently pushing installation of Wireless Telecom Facilities (WTF) that do not appear to comply with current Federal Law. They are doing it because it will cost them a lot more to comply with the rules. You will need to go to your Municipal or County Building Departments and ask to review the pending permit applications for WTF to know if one is planned for installation in the Right-of-Way of your home or community.

There are eight ROW permits in Lantana for small cells, from Verizon. The antenna is only partially defined but appears to have multiple antennas and bands of high power. These are being installed in close proximity to people and their homes and do not likely comply with FCC rules for Effective Radiated Power. The planned sites are as follows and FCC Complaint have been filed on the first four:

Lantana Permits
1402 West Mango
401 Minnesota
555 East Coast
708 S Broadway
1003 S Broadway
1300 S Broadway
1142 W Garnett St
1319 W Jennings

I also found numerous “Small” cells going up in Boynton Beach from AT&T What can be seen installed appears to be a high powered antennas in close proximity to people and their homes. The proposed antenna in the plans has a maximum input power of approximately 2,000 watts and an effective radiated power of approximately 16,000 watts. . The sites being permitted are as follows. High Ridge Road has an even larger antenna and is discussed in a separate post.

Boynton Beach Sites:

AddressStatusElectical PermitROW PermitAntenna Permit
3473 High Ridge RoadOn HoldE-19-020E-19-03419-4044  Antenna
1900 N. FederalApproved20-28532019-H-496-00317 
2360 N FederalApproved20-2856E-19-04019-1551-Ant-Cancelled
1601 S. FederalApproved19-4842 FDOT19-1792-Ant-Cancelled
755 W Boynton Beach BlvdApproved20-2854 UT55327, 5426920-2732-Other-Void
1001 Leisure LaneOn Hold20-2848E19-021,E20-01619-1241-Ant-Cancelled
2315 SW 11thOn Hold20-2881 UT55551,52921,54243 
3112 SE 1st PlaceApproved20-2855E-19-033 
2190 NE 1st LaneApproved20-2859 E-19-029 
2770 NE 1st StreetOn Hold20-2857E-19-01919-1242-Ant-Cancelled
3662 Newport Ave In Plan Check20-3240E-20-03119-1445-Ant-Cancelled

If you have problems, contact me here through the comments that are moderated. Do not wait until they are installed.

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