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National High-Powered Antenna Deployment Alert

Congress working on Federal Laws for deploying high powered wireless infrastructure into our communities that over-ride the few limits there are on human exposure and any requirements for assessment.  These will permit placement of high powered antennas in close proximity to the public. 

Approximately half the states have been convinced by Telecom special interest to pass ALEC laws expediting the installation of wireless infrastructure including so called small cells that were supposed to be low power (60 Watts ERP) high band antennas that do not penetrated far into the body.  These are expedited into the utility right-of-ways in close proximity to the Public.  Unfortunately, these laws limited the size of the antennas and not the power levels and the Telecoms are fully exploiting this weakness and installing high power (10,000-30,000 watts ERP), low and mid bands that rip right through people and are putting them by our homes and by us on the street. 

Protests are censored but many who understand this have been trying to hold the line and push back using existing rules and law, particularly NEPA that set some loose human exposure limits for requiring environmental assessment.  These new laws are aimed at ramming these high powered antennas through any resistance. 

Here is a summary of the legislation in progress and what you can do:

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