Starlink Horror

Starlink – 5G Bait & Switch Update -The Emerging Nightmare

While the Children’s Health Defense works to protect us from Elon Musk’s evil plans to engulf the planet in microwaves, there are more and more satellites launched and a new Quantum Financial System that will be based on the use of this nightmare. It will monitor you directly and give you access to funds based on what it learns. Yes, hear Dr. Charlie Ward tell you about this system, particularly in the video at this link at 32 and 36 minutes. Free internet? Free Energy? Or another toxic Bait and Switch? Elon Musk’s own brother has said that he knows how much harm this radiation will do to the planet and does not care. We would like to ask Dr. Charlie Ward tell us how Elon Musk is not just another sociopath pursuing mass population control, but he has not responded to our inquiries about this. We have asked him for an application for the Oneness Fund as we would like to get funding to develop Human Health Standards for Microwave Exposure. Maybe this is something they should have done before imposing their microwave control systems on people without their consent. I guess global domination comes first.

I stand with the scientists and knowledgeable people who are part of this appeal

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