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What’s In Your Right-Of-Way?

Since Florida has been turned into a 5G State, laws were made to expedite telecom deployments into your Right-of-Way. It has become the Telecom Wild West as the people who were supposed to represent their electorate did not. If your local authorities tell you they cannot stop the irresponsible placement of these things by your home, know that it is simply because they have not updated your ordinances to do so. See our post

These may be placed in municipal, county, state or federal right-of-ways (ROW) depending on who manages the roadway. In Palm Beach County, many roads, even in municipalities, are managed by Palm Beach County. And these have been very hard to find. Some may have associated building or electrical permits. Now you can watch some of your roadways to see what might be coming your way.

Palm Beach County now brings you public access to these permits. The link can be found here listed under Useful Links as Public Access to Right of Way Permit. Try this direct link

To find the permit, zoom in on the street and you will see some numbers, most starting with UT. Click on it to bring up a link to the permits themselves. If the permit itself is not listed, it is because it has not yet been issued and you will need to contact Land Development directly for the permit application. We appreciate the transparency.

If you do not find anything on the road, it is next most likely under the control of the municipality and you would contact the department that manages ROW permits. State Road ROW are managed by the FDOT and they have public access to identify the permit, but not access to the permit itself. Try this search: You will need to contact the FDOT District Office to get the permit.

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