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Palm Beach County Social Injustice for Students

Access for all. Just not the same access. While Palm Beach enjoys exclusion from 5G wireless as they run fiber to the buildings, our low-income families and their neighbors will have toxic wireless wi-fi broadcasts into their homes 24/7. Let us say, the home units are bad enough in terms of exposure, but at least you can turn them off at night to sleep. There will be no such luxury for low income students. They are going to be “included” 24/7. Now low income students will be low sleep students, too. And so will all their neighbors.

If you have ever searched for a wi-fi network from your home, you would notice how many networks are there, all contributing toward your Radio Frequency (RF) radiation exposure and all causing INTERFERENCE. Most units people get from their Internet Service Provider (ISP) are for their broadcasting benefit and are overpowered for a medium to small home. The ISP serves the ISP and few know what to do about it. See our Three Things page for ideas. When these wi-fi systems do not work, it is usually not for a lack of power, but that someone nearby is broadcasting on a similar channel and causing interference. The solution is to change your channel to a clear one, if you can find it. Unfortunately, many are powering up, creating ever more problems as the entire wireless technology interferes with itself.

Now you will have a new ISP, the SDPBC who will take whatever channel they want and power it up as needed. The unlicensed bands are supposed to be free of such intrusion and many are watching to see if they will get away with it. We are watching, too, as we pray for the children who must lay-me-down-to-sleep in fields of RF radiation.

And what is the rational for this kind of “inclusion”? It can be done with only 10,000 devices? There are said to be 105,000 students that need access. Or is it 25,000? We hear conflicting things. Let us find a way to get our students what they need that does not involve RF exposures that disturb their sleep, effect their health and bring them down.

We know that there are utilities subsidies that have been paid for fiber-optic broadband that have been misappropriated into wireless networks for decades, amounting to near a trillion dollars. We know the funding is there.

Do you think a County with a population of 1,500,000 people could find the money for 25,000 safe and secure internet connections?

I hope the people of Palm Beach County will fight for every student to have a safe and secure wireline connection to the internet under their control, to learn, grow and prosper. We must teach our children to manage their technology wisely so that it does not steal their bright futures from them. There is too much harm already and SDPBC must do the right thing here for our low-income students and families. SAFE TECH Internet for all!

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