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Local Authority and Responsibility – Hoodwinked

Do not allow the local City, County or State authorities over Right-of-Ways (ROW) and other building permits tell you they have no authority due to the State Laws for the placement and operation of Wireless Telecommunication Facilities (WTF). They are hiding behind a sham and we will end up as the bagholders of the damages.

If a local authority has no authority, then it is because they have not written the local ordinance to have it and they are shirking their responsibility for protecting the Public from irresponsible installations. See our post for one legal explanation of the sham.

Wireless safety expert Cece Doucette and telecom attorney Andrew Campanelli spoke with the Pensacola City Council last month. Here’s the LINK. Please fast forward to time 11:50, when Cece’s statement begins. …

Telecom attorney Andrew Campanelli’s remarks begin at time 22:40. Andrew provides guidance to local governments about how to draft local ordinances to vest themselves with the maximum powers to control the placement of wireless facilities.

Andrew explains “smart planning provisions” are designed to achieve three objectives simultaneously: (1) allow wireless companies to provide wireless coverage customers want, (2) minimize the number of structures needed to provide that coverage, and (3) to the greatest extent possible, avoid or prevent the irresponsible placement of wireless facilities that would adversely impact neighborhoods.

The point is to avoid unnecessary impacts on residential neighborhoods, and Andrew has helped local governments do that for more than two decades.

Andrew provided a few initial tips about how to write local ordinances that vest local authority with the maximum power to control the placement of wireless facilities, and explained how cities have far more power to regulate the local placement of wireless facilities then they are led to believe. He explained Florida’s state law is a ‘hoodwink’ law – and cities like Pensacola should still enact ordinances to the extent they don’t conflict with the State law.

For more information from Andrew Campanelli, please watch a 50 minute Zoom Meeting we held with him at , where he provides even more detail about how local governments can write ordinances to exercise more local authority over the placement of 5G poles and antennas in residential neighborhoods.

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