WTF Permit Application

***5G Drivers *** DANGER! DANGER! Distracted & Impaired

We have noticed for some time that drivers on the highways are out of their minds, most likely under the influence of the massive RF/EMF power densities being broadcast down the roadways. These fields affect your blood flow and can impair your judgement. We did not expect one of these drivers to hit us as we turned into the parking lot where we work. Fortunately, that vehicle sent a crash report to get the mess cleaned up quickly and then it processed us into a System of Exploitation and Abuse.

My beautiful older car that I bought with money left to me by my Mother, when she passed away, was towed from the scene. Fortunately. I was ready with a tow service of my choosing and a place to bring it that I could trust. It is MY car and the choice to repair it is mine. But will there be justice from the System of E&A? Not Likely.

The decision to repair our car at any cost was made by the rental car we were offered. Once we experienced this Technological Nightmare from Hell, we understood that the accident/insurance System of E&A was feeding the mass madness of megalomaniacs who would control the human race to death even using our cars. All they want is everything.

Not only did the Technological Nightmare from Hell have an Infotainment System that created distractions for the driver including online shopping, it would ping you with pulses of microwaves, even if you disconnected all devices and turned it off. These pulses occurred approximately every 10 seconds and were of increasing power up to over 6 V/m. We got a headache just sitting there trying to turn it off. This is how impaired drivers are created. It was obviously scanning for connections as the cellular bars and available wi-fry networks were updating. Not a single entity associated with this Infotainment System could tell us how it worked, how to shut it off or and why it was on in the first place. The most reasonable explanation we got was that it was associated with one of the radio apps. But why was that running with the radio off? We would have stared pulling fuses and physically disconnecting the Infotainment Monster, if it had been our vehicle. But it belonged to the System of E&A and would do their bidding. We say, send these monsters back to Hell.

When we brought our rental car back, we were told that all the rental agencies were doing the same. Yes we see these Infotainment Monsters on all our new cars and the System of E&A that would give you no choice. Really?

Before you wonder if it worth exorcising this monster from your vehicle, consider what will happen to you if you are shopping while driving and have an accident. They will have a record of your shopping and the crash report. We can only image what is happening to the driver that hit me and what she was distracted with and impaired by when she did so. They will have the records. We are the data. She is theirs. They will know if she was distracted and impaired or just impaired. Do you think they will tell her what she was being microwaved with at the time of the accident?

With a little help from our friends we found an older EMF friendly car to rent and will continue to try to drive safely to work and the store. Right now we would otherwise choose to stay off the roadways.

Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

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