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Trees Have No Choice

Palm Tree Dying WPB
February 2020 – Tree in path of microwave antennas
June 2021 – Tree in path of microwave antennas.

This poor palm in the path of microwave antennas had no choice but to endure the onslaught. YOU have choices and we suggest it is now time to take action. It is the women who know by now that the ever increasing levels of microwave radiation for surveillance and control being placed on us is killing us. Historically reporting 75% of the adverse health effects it is not know if women are more susceptible or just more aware. It becomes particularly more obvious with age so listen to the wise old women. It is the women who know by now it is time to fight or die. You may choose to run for a bit but there is intended to be no place to hide. Not even the deepest bunker, for the very ground will be electrified.

But what to do? Will there be a Joan of Arc event with her slaying antennas, mounted on a noble steed? We think not. It is all described on our Three Things page what you should do to be most likely to survive this. We suggest you start now.

We have noticed that Dr. Charlie Ward is having trouble making eye contact in his videos with his Insiders Club. Yet he still tells them that Elon Musk is no longer a sociopath and that Starlink QFS is the solution for benevolent mass population control system. I guess he hoping you have not noticed that that the low earth orbit satellites they have been launching are causing mass pain and illness and destroying the planet.

Recognize the power that is yours and use it wisely.

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