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HOUSE ON FIRE – The Fourth Rod

If you are wondering how a fourth grounding rod could be necessary on our modest Florida cinder-block home, perhaps I should explain that a neighbors house burned down last May 2021. The flyer went around for aide for the family while I was in no condition to help, sick and financially stressed from the deployments of God-Only-Knows-What kind of microwave systems that were deployed in March and April of 2021 in our area. Nerve and muscle pain with insomnia can take you down fast and I needed some help from my Safe Tech Friends to get by. The RF/MW radiation readings went up all over as the Stetzers (indicators of high frequency noise) on my household electrical went up over safe levels. Reports came in from near and far of pain and illness. The rainfall has diminished and watering restrictions were imposed as deployment on the planet went forward.

Lucky for me, an electrosensitive citizen scientist who is active in the Safe Tech networks came to my aide and we made a Faraday canopy over my bed so I could sleep and make some recovery from the mess. With Budget RF film pinned to the ceiling and walls, the radiation in my house became manageable. It has been a slow come-back as continued deployments further stress resources.

Our local electric utility company has also been helpful with our questions about our electrical supply. They did not like our suggestion that the microwave towers were effecting the electrical supply and our homes. They would insist that those two sources of energy effecting our homes, are not the same thing. However, they took care of their business and they have made upgrades to our substation and we do now have clean, reasonably well regulated electricity to our homes.

After they took care of their business, I took care of mine. The three new grounding rods I had installed on the house were still inadequate to ground out the energy backing up in my home. This manifested itself as stray and ghost voltages that would elevate the electrical ground with attempts to ground them out through that system. They do effect our sensitive biological systems as well as our sensitive electronic equipment and our appliances. We have installed a fourth grounding rod.

I believe the need for the fourth rod to be partially due to the dry soil conditions and the construction of the electrical system with metal conduit in cinder-block. With such construction it appears to be important to keep the cinder-block dry (non-conductive) and to have the cement slab moist (conductive of stray voltage to ground). Grounding systems are dependent on the moisture content of the surrounding soil.

The other issue of the grounding is at the transformer we share with some of our neighbors. The utility provides a grounded conductor and the ground available for our service can be effected by others on the transformer. So perhaps I am grounding out some of the neighbors problems. I will be talking to them about EMF Safety in our community and I hope they will not all need four grounding rods. But it takes what it takes.

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Go with God, hang on to Mother Earth and stay wired and grounded, my friends.

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