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HOUSE ON FIRE – The Fourth Rod

If you are wondering how a fourth grounding rod could be necessary on our modest Florida cinder-block home, perhaps I should explain that a neighbors house burned down last May 2021. The flyer went around for aide for the family while I was in no condition to help, sick and financially stressed from the deployments of God-Only-Knows-What kind of microwave systems that were deployed in March and April of 2021 in our area. Nerve and muscle pain with insomnia can take you down fast and I needed some help from my Safe Tech Friends to get by. The RF/MW radiation readings went up all over as the Stetzers (indicators of high frequency noise) on my household electrical went up over safe levels. Reports came in from near and far of pain and illness. The rainfall has diminished and watering restrictions were imposed as deployment on the planet went forward.

Lucky for me, an electrosensitive citizen scientist who is active in the Safe Tech networks came to my aide and we made a Faraday canopy over my bed so I could sleep and make some recovery from the mess. With Budget RF film pinned to the ceiling and walls, the radiation in my house became manageable. It has been a slow come-back as continued deployments further stress resources.

Our local electric utility company has also been helpful with our questions about our electrical supply. They did not like our suggestion that the microwave towers were effecting the electrical supply and our homes. They would insist that those two sources of energy effecting our homes, are not the same thing. However, they took care of their business and they have made upgrades to our substation and we do now have clean, reasonably well regulated electricity to our homes.

After they took care of their business, I took care of mine. The three new grounding rods I had installed on the house were still inadequate to ground out the energy backing up in my home. This manifested itself as stray and ghost voltages that would elevate the electrical ground with attempts to ground them out through that system. They do effect our sensitive biological systems as well as our sensitive electronic equipment and our appliances. We have installed a fourth grounding rod.

I believe the need for the fourth rod to be partially due to the dry soil conditions and the construction of the electrical system with metal conduit in cinder-block. With such construction it appears to be important to keep the cinder-block dry (non-conductive) and to have the cement slab moist (conductive of stray voltage to ground). Grounding systems are dependent on the moisture content of the surrounding soil.

The other issue of the grounding is at the transformer we share with some of our neighbors. The utility provides a grounded conductor and the ground available for our service can be effected by others on the transformer. So perhaps I am grounding out some of the neighbors problems. I will be talking to them about EMF Safety in our community and I hope they will not all need four grounding rods. But it takes what it takes.

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Go with God, hang on to Mother Earth and stay wired and grounded, my friends.


The Third Rod

Grounding is important to your electromagnetic health and safety.

Well, we were not grounded by Christmas, but we had three new grounding rods for the New Year. You could feel the pressure drop. And the buzzing and ringing in our ears is much abated. Most blessedly is the improvement in our blocking of intrusive, noxious pulse-modulated radiation that pulsed our tinnitus. Even sufficiently attenuated to prevent it damaging our DNA (we hope), knowing what it does to those who are being exposed to the full power of this DNA damaging multiphoton technology, sold by the safety of a single photon, is hard to sit still for. Nothing like the sound of the destruction of life and property, to keep a person awake at night.

It has been a month since the rods were installed. We are definitely recommending people have the electrical resistance of their grounding systems checked and improved as necessary for their safety and electromagnetic health. However, we still cannot say this will immediately rid the residence of ghost and stray voltage. It is believed they are slowly improving but there are too many other variations for us to say for sure. We are speculating this is a matter of the NEV that can be amplified by conductivity variations in the concrete and building materials. But as a start, the grounding system must be in good order and have the capacity to manage the loads. Even if this does not immediately fix everything, not having it, will make things worse. Heed our warning and prepare now for what the future may hold.

The first two grounding rods that were put in got quickly loaded up with the inventory of electricity and energy in the walls, roof and slab of our home so we went for a third. There are numerous articles available suggesting this is the thing to have to protect sensitive electronic equipment. I would suggest that we are our most sensitive bio-electronic equipment, yet the limits for our voltage exposure seems quite high. (See Page 22). Another reference suggest amperage may be more of a problem

We have also learned much about stray and ghost electricity and cows. It seems that stray and ghost voltage is not considered a problem for humans, but cows that stop producing milk are studied and concern is shown for their excessive blinking, twitching and refusals to eat, drink, produce or reproduce.

First know that Stray Voltage has become the term used to cover a number of problems that you can find out about from Wikipedia . The more formal definition for Stray Voltage is stated in wiki. “Neutral to earth voltage (NEV) specifically refers to a difference in potential between a locally grounded object and the grounded return conductor, or neutral, of an electrical system.”

Mike Holt discusses NEV – Why does the demonstration of NEV measurement show 0.2 volts while Mike tells us that 3 volts is good for the NEV of the grid and can be higher? Is the ground the AC of the source or the DC of the earth? Or has the earth become AC? Should you use a digital or analog meter to measure NEV and how are they different? If you want to ignore the capacitance problem, get a high dollar meter made especially for those who want to stay in denial about what is happening in the electrical systems of their homes.

We will use the term more generally to include those annoying leaks through the insulation of our wires and other electron flows though our home and use the term NEV for that specific type of stray voltage. NEV limits how well you can earth your home. Years ago we read that the difference between your home and the earth should be 10 millivolts (mV) and no more that 50 mV. We can no longer find such references on the internet.

We have put in our call to FPL and ask them about this. The owners of the cows got themselves a neutral isolator when they had problems with the NEV so the girls could get back to work. Yes, it is commonly used to relieve livestock that does not take well to being electrified. We will see if a human can rate one.

Here is how one utility in farm country handles stray electricity for our four legged friends

We will continue to search our home for electrical problems. Our little Florida home is of cinder-block construction on a concrete slab. Concrete is amazing stuff. They are currently developing “smart” concrete for storing energy so you can live truly electrified. But the everyday stuff has some interesting properties of it’s own.

It seems that conventional dry concrete can store electricity like a capacitor. Moisture has a major effect on it’s conductivity. Furthermore, concrete can wick moisture, so moisture can actually move through it. Maybe this is how those odd voltages are occurring. The question is, how do we use this to get the excess energy out of our slab so we can walk barefoot in our home without getting foot cramps?

We have tried cleaning the carpets, setting a sprinkler on the walls of our house and now have a soaker hose around our slab. Will there be an end to the outflow of current from our home or are we trying to drain the ocean?

The sprinklers on the walls of our cinder-block home ended with tripping the ground-fault interrupter and we would take this as not the thing to do as there are conduits and wiring that may be vulnerable. Raising the conductivity of the cinder block may not be the thing to do. The soaker hose around the slab worked much better, with maybe a quick wash down on the walls.

We have much more to say about stray and ghost voltages in our home, but will save that for another post. Stay wired and grounded, my friends.

And then there was the fourth rod.


Merry Christmas -Lights and Gifts

Ah! The Holiday lights and gifts! Many this year will be wireless devices for your home. But have you perhaps noticed any flickering lights that are not made to flicker or devices that you have to unplug and restart to get working? Or that simply will not work. And the repairman can do nothing with? Have you noticed any corrosion around your home or on fairly new appliances? Have you called the electrician to look for a neutral/ground short, only to find nothing? Do you have wi-fry in your home or live near a cell tower?

Can we make a suggestion? Check your grounding electrode, likely a grounding rod. Call the electrician and ask him to service your grounding electrode and do a resistance check on it. That is actually recommended as a general practice, every three years. If he defers, start calling until you find one who is willing and able. Once you get one out, you may have to have a difficult conversation with him about the cause of you electrical problems.

Yes, this is a particularly difficult conversation in Florida where electrician have been installing residential services under very loose interpretations of the National Electric Code (NEC). The NEC code is furthermore woefully inadequate for managing the “electron movement” caused by radiofrequency/microwave (RF/MW) photons as they pass through, and into, your home, your family, your pet and yourself. Particularly metal will give off troublesome levels of “electron movement” Your household electric system can carry RF/MW radiation as low frequency noise known as “dirty electricity.” But what the photons also do is add energy to the building materials and compete with stray voltages for a route to ground, increasing the overall load. While this can be shocking or not, they are more destructive by their oxidation effect (accelerated ageing, diabetes and cancer) and oxidation/corrosion of metal building materials. Yes, and as they tend to end up in places they should not be, they are a fire hazard. They can also render sensitive electronic equipment totally dysfunctional. Consider also, that your nerves and muscles may not take well to these currents running through them. The 4G Restless Leg Syndrome has advanced a generation to 5G Pain.

What to do? We wish we could tell you for sure, but we are just finding out ourselves. We have found an electrician with some courage and integrity to address these problems and we will update the post later if they work. But this is what we found out about the deficient NEC code:

The NEC code generally requires two eight-foot grounding rods, at least 6 feet apart to provide for sufficiently low resistance in the electrical path to ground. Sufficiently low for what? Mostly this is lightening protection. There is a second function that the home grounding system should provide that is generally given little regard. The grounding system should also provide a normalization of the the system, to earth. Years ago I found literature on this subject that a good home electrical system should run no more than 10 millivolts (mV), with a maximum of 50 mV, over the earths ground. Now I can find no such references. I wonder where they went. Our biochemistry operates on the order of 10 and 100 mV. Now what would make sense to you about the earthing of your home electrical system?

I would suggest that getting rid of the stray electricity from your home under the influence of RF/MW radiation will require grounding beyond NEC requirements, starting with the grounding electrode. First of all, to get the full benefit of two rods, they each need to be distant by their length deep. So the distance between two 8-foot rods should be 16 feet. And you may need more than two. I am planning for three.

Florida Power and Light defines the Point of Service as the meter and describes how their grounded conductor from the transformer is connected to the grounding connector at the meter and the breaker box. See page 108 of their manual.

To some extent we may be limited to the degree of grounding that FPL provides at the source transformer location. So we will have our new grounding electrodes and be ready to make the complaint if they are too overloaded. Right now we can complain to no one as our own grounding electrode has not been serviced for 23 years.

All I want for Christmas is to get grounded.