Starlink Horror

Twitter/Twatter Watch the Water


As the Hats spin glory for the balding exploding car salesman over his purchase of Twitter/Twatter, the story of the Moskva is ignored. The ship sank, with sailors lives lost as their blood stains Starlink that provided the data for the killing. What is the real price of this free internet?

David Icke nails it again on Musk’s antics .

And what more you should know about this person:

People, do not let yourself be played. Get off Twitter/Twatter, put your phone in Airplane Mode and take some time to do something directly interacting with other people. All those antennas installed to provide wireless internet were a farce – take a look at what they are being used for. Know who the true friends of mankind are, by those who take them down instead of put them up.

It will be interesting to see how the Hats that have been signing the praises of Musk’s Starlink carrying their new miraculous financial control system explain why it just helped kill a bunch of Russian sailors. Particularly troublesome since Russia is supposedly on their new miraculous financial control system. Looks like the new boss is as screwy as the old boss.

See our post on what else Starlink radiation is doing in Ukraine

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