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It has been almost SIX months since the Federal Communications Commission was challenged on their 2019 FCC Human Exposure Guidelines and they were found to be faulty – based on insufficient analysis of the adequacy of the RF/MW Radiation Exposure Guideline. (See ). The human exposure guidelines for the 5G deployments we are all now trying to live in, are in remand and what we have are standards based on when a large man starts to get cooked.

So, maybe you would like to know why the FCC is not likely to establish anything. It is stated on page 8 of 159 pages of the above linked reference. “Commenters that provided scientific articles did not answer our request for a specific, quantitative goal but many provided descriptive references to the BioInitiative Report and Building Biology, which specify extremely low limits (0.3-0.6 nW/m2 and 0.1 μW/m2 , respectively) for RF energy exposure—limits that are millions to billions times more restrictive than FCC limits. No device could reliably transmit any usable level of energy by today’s technological standards while meeting those limits.

How many ways are there to say 5G is HARM to life and property? They have not disputed the BioIniative and Building Biology reports, just dismissed them. The courts ruled such dismissals were wrong, but perhaps they do not appreciate just how wrong it all is.

Today’s technological standards cannot be met by wireless 5G without causing harm to life and property based on the recommended reports of experts that provided them with the safe limits for RF/MW radiation. The FCC based their guidelines on their program goals instead of science. The BioInitiative report was issued in 2012 and the Building Biology report in 2008, dating back to 3G and 4G as the problems with wireless technology became very apparent. How many people pleaded for the protection of humanity as 5G was rolled out all over us?

The FCC failed to stop at the Stop Sign, but ran right through it leading to a disastrous situation. 5G has failed to produce high speed internet services and yet Microwave Satellites continue to launch and the RF/MW radiation is on a continued rise across our planet. The court chose not to stop such deployments and expect Safe Tech organizations to bring the FCC to reason. We are “millions to billions” apart. How much of our life should we give up for a failed technology that has consistently failed to deliver, while looting public utility subsidies that could have provided safe telecommunications, fiber to your home, 20X wireless speed?

The FCC, through their continued inaction, divest themselves of liability for harm from RF/MW radiation and it now belongs to the local permitting authorities and end users. Know the more “restrictive” standards on safe levels of exposure and look at what we are doing to ourselves.

Know the true friends of mankind by those who are taking down these microwave systems instead of putting them up.

Peru knows.

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